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The unmistakable character and cultural heritage of the Deep South, makes for one of the most fascinating places to visit in the United States. Southern hospitality is justifiably famous, as is the variety of unique musical genres, literary heritage and mouth-watering cuisine.

Atlanta Food

The State of Georgia is home to some key wartime locales such as Fort Pulaski. You can explore Atlanta’s role in the Civil War at the Atlanta History Center. Yet, the state capital is perhaps better known for its more modern day attractions; the world’s largest aquarium, the World of Coca- Cola, CNN’s headquarters and the Georgia Dome. Savannah is where you’ll find amazing architecture, spooky cemeteries and rich history - along with global sophistication and fabulous food.

From majestic peaks to rich, fertile valleys, the Mountains of North Carolina have drawn travellers for centuries. Near Asheville, George W. Vanderbilt constructed “a little mountain getaway”, that is still the largest private home in the US.

Offering everything from high-end boutiques to world famous restaurants, Royal Street is the must-stroll through of the French Quarter a place where shopping meets sightseeing and offers views of inspiring architecture. Be sure not to forget a customary visit to Santa's Quarters open all year. Pick up some unforgettable souvenirs or clothes, shoes and handbags at upscale fashion haunts in Savannah.

Founded in 1670, Charleston is packed full of incredible historical and cultural treasures. From the cobblestone streets and beautiful old churches to the period architecture and historic plantations, Charleston truly is a city that embraces its storied past. Witness the city’s opulence in a streetcar ride through the Garden District and the multicultural heritage reflected in the elegant French Quarter architecture.

Try also the Creole cuisine - a mixture of French, African, Spanish and Cajun food, which is more heavily spiced. Everywhere there is music - jazz, of course, but also country, soul and delta blues.

Top 5 Things To Do In Southern USA

1. Try whistlin’ Dixie. But if your lips let you down, New Orleans’ musical roots run as deep as the Mississippi! Catch live music on any night in the clubs and bars.

2. Martin Luther King, Jr. was born in Atlanta. Learn all about his life and the Civil Rights Movement at the National Historic Site.

3. If you really give a damn about ‘Gone with the Wind’, go in search of Scarlett and Rhett at the house where Margaret Mitchell wrote her Pulitzer Prize-winning novel.

4. New Orleans is the Festival Capital of the World. For maximum sizzle, plan your trip around Mardi Gras, when colourful floats wind their way along Bourbon St.

5. They call it “fright-seeing” and there is no escaping it in a city as seriously spooky as Savannah.

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