Off-Season Travel Offers You the Most Value

June 2012

Rye, NY: With the recent success of their 2012/13 Winter Europe brochure launch, Insight Vacations has seen that more people are buying into the fact that value depends less on where your travel but more importantly, on when you travel. Judging solely by recent booking patterns, it is clear that people are beginning to understand the true benefits of off-season travel.

Marc Kazlauskas, President of Insight Vacations states, “We have already seen a flood of bookings come in for winter travel. Agents and travellers alike are beginning to realize that off-season travel is truly the excellent bang for your buck. This year, our winter prices are up to 33% less over summer prices, airfare is substantially lower in that we are seeing savings of over $600 per couple, not to mention you get to enjoy the best that Europe has to offer without the normal crowds. It’s a win-win for everyone.”

For example, when comparing one of Insight’s most popular itineraries, the 11-day Best of Italy with air, the difference in price is substantial:

Best of Italy, August 29th, 2012

  • $3399 per person, land only
  • $1336* per person, air-fare from LAX to Rome
  • $4735 per person, land + air
  • Grand Total for 2 Passengers: $9,470

Best of Italy, December 7th, 2012

  • $2399 per person, land only
  • $1063* per person, air-fare from LAX to Rome
  • $3462 per person, land + air
  • Grand Total for 2 Passengers: $6924

Total Savings on Off-Season Travel: $2546 per couple

When asked how such a significant drop in price was possible between summer and winter tours, Kazlauskas stated, “During the off-season, hotel rates are much lower as well as rates for some sightseeing excursions. This allows us to be able to bring down our overall tour price but still keep the quality that our guests have come to expect from travelling on an Insight tour.”

Insight guests enjoy more intimate groups, limited to just 40 passengers, the services of an experienced tour director and the assurance of staying in top selected hotels which are centrally or scenically located. Travel in style on Insight’s luxury reconfigured coaches with more legroom so the journey is as enjoyable as the destination.

For more information, contact Insight Vacations at (714) 937-4990. For reservations, contact your favorite travel agent or call Insight Vacations at (800) 582-8380.