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Toni Aguilar

Daniele Nannetti

Hi, my name is Toni Aguilar. You may come across me if you travel through Spain, Portugal or Morocco with Insight Vacations.

In terms of my favourite country, I can't pick between Spain and Portugal. Not matter how many times I have travelled here (FYI – well over 1000 times!!), I never tire of either of them.

I decided to become a Tour Director after many years of hotel management. The idea of getting paid to travel and meet new people from all over the world was incredibly appealing to a young fellow. Of course there is a lot more to it. You become an ambassador of the areas you guide people and need to become an encyclopaedia of historical facts, events and culture. This job really is one of a kind. No two days are ever the same and that's why I've happily stuck with it for 17 years now!

The travel is amazing, but the best part of my job is without a doubt the feeling I get after I finish a tour knowing that my clients thoroughly enjoyed the time we've spent together.

What make a good trip? When you get the opportunity to soak up the culture, walk amongst the locals and dine as they do. Insight's tours offer lots of free time, which really gives travellers the chance to do this, with the added bonus of an expert on hand to help with whatever you need. We want you to have a great and memorable trip!