7 reasons to go guided: U.S. National Parks

7 reasons to go guided: U.S. National Parks

7 reasons to go guided: U.S. National Parks

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There is no better way to unearth America’s natural wonders than journeying through the raw, rugged beauty of its iconic countryside. With 60 protected national parks to tempt you, you’ll be spoilt for choice on where to head first!

A guided trip will not only allow you to explore with greater ease but it will allow you to experience America’s unique landscapes in the upmost comfort and with a group of friendly fellow travelers.

If this isn’t enough to convince you, we’ve compiled a list of reasons why going guided should be your only choice when discovering America’s national parks.

1) The ease of an organized itinerary

Bryce Canyon © Tim Golder for Unsplash

We may have briefly mentioned the ease above, but it really can’t be stressed enough. With so many parks and sites to choose from, it can be difficult to choose where to start and know what to prioritize. A guided trip takes away the stress of figuring out the journey route, where to start, where to end and everything in between.

From the hotel you stay at to the tickets to get you into the parks, food options and a carefully selected itinerary to make sure you make the most of your trip, every detail of your journey is taken care of for you.

The itineraries are carefully designed to make sure you enter the parks at opportune times and in a way that ensures the best weather and accessibility, so you’ll see phenomenon such as Thor’s hammer at Bryce Canyon National Park or the stunning peaks of Grand Teton National Park in all their glory.

2. No driving means more downtime

Death Valley National Park © Pietro De Grandi for Unsplash

Who said an American road trip needs to be a solo affair, or an exhausting one for that matter? What better way to relax after a day of exploring than on a coach back to your cozy hotel? With all your trip’s itineraries planned, you can simply sit back and relax or discuss the day’s events with your fellow travelers.

With the transportation taken care of, you won’t have to think about park entry fees or parking, and you’ll be dropped off in the most relevant spots, all at your convenience.

3. You’ll be placed in the center of the action

Zion National Park © Jamie Hagan for Unsplash

Planning a trip to America’s national parks can be somewhat complicated and it can get quite pricey if you are booking everything individually. Going guided, with a full itinerary mapped out for you means you’ll not only have experiences planned for you, but your hotels arranged too. Wherever you head you’ll be placed in conveniently located hotels, close to the action.

On our America’s Magnificent National Parks trip you’ll be situated in a lodge in the heart of Zion National Park and Yellowstone National Park, where you’ll enjoy a truly rustic and natural environment.

Staying in the parks allows you to witness them in all their natural glory once the crowds have gone. And of course, you’ll also have more time to spot the local wildlife, including back bears and wolves.

4. You’ll have the best insider knowledge on hand to help

Grand Canyon ©Alan Carrillo for Unsplash

Two of the most challenging things when traveling can be the fear of missing a travel highlight and managing to engage with the local culture.

The benefit of being part of a guided trip is the insider knowledge you’ll be provided with. Our Travel Directors are both passionate and knowledgeable about destinations. Not only will they arrange the logistics for you but they’ll be on hand to go into detail on the parks’ histories and local culture. Their experience in the local area will make introductions to the locals easier and accessible!

You’ll have the opportunity to meet Local Experts who’ll provide their own in-depth knowledge. On our national parks trips you’ll join a Local Expert at the Grand Canyon for an informative presentation, before witnessing the burnt orange hues of the canyon’s walls for yourself.

5. Get access to the best experiences

© Cierra Klatt

More access to the local way of life and Local Experts means you’ll also get more access to authentic experiences while traveling through the U.S. From joining a Navajo guide and exploring the iconic vistas of Navajo Tribal Park in an open-air vehicle to exploring local surroundings by horseback or meeting Lakota tribe members for a live narrative of the Great Sioux Nation, you’ll get up close and personal to the local way of life, through the very best experiences.

6. Experience the parks with a group of fellow travelers

©Matthew Bennett for Unsplash

“A journey is best measured in friends, rather than miles,” or so the saying goes. A guided trip of likeminded travelers all heading to the same places as you are only makes your travels more fun. You’ll be able to share your experiences (and photos) together and gain new perspectives on the places you visit as you share thoughts and ideas along the way.

7. Do it your way!

Yellowstone National Park © Nina Perminova

Contrary to popular belief, going guided at America’s national parks doesn’t mean you need to relinquish your adventurous ways. Whether you’re an eager outdoorsy type or you prefer to simply visit a destinations highlights, you can tailor our guided trips to suit you. Being situated in the parks and receiving plenty of downtime throughout your journey means you can head out for some walks at your own pace or simply enjoy some downtime with a glass of wine, admiring the breathtaking views from the comfort of your lodge.

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