Announcing our New Sustainability Officer

by | 23 Sep 2021

As the CEO of Insight Vacations and Luxury gold I am so pleased to announce that we have created the position of Sustainability Officer. This is a big step for us and goes to solidify our commitment to our HWTR strategy implementation over the coming years. I am so proud of the work that has already been done. Travel can and should be a force for good and as such we are formalising the role of Sustainability Officer to spearhead our efforts.

Valerie Furphy – Sustainability Officer Insight Vacations and Luxury Gold

I started out my career as a nurse because fundamentally I am a carer. Through my work post-Masters in Public Policy with development agencies, it became clear that to raise populations out of poverty and develop in-country capacity sustainably, one had to think more broadly than focusing solely on humans.

This questioning sparked a passion for sustainability in me and it is one that I try and live by daily. I am delighted to be the Sustainability Officer for Insight Vacations and Luxury Gold because I am 100% supported in implementing our How We Tread Right Strategy (HWTR) by our COO Ulla Hefel Böhler. I remember some years ago, I suggested that we swap the materials we use for our on-trip collateral to recycled materials, and where that wasn’t yet possible we offset the carbon used in production. Not only did Ulla say yes, but she didn’t need much convincing!

At Insight Vacations and Luxury Gold we understand that the Travel and Tourism sector is a powerhouse of global economy and a crucial part of community development and success. We are deeply committed to advancing the United Nations SDGs through our MAKE TRAVEL MATTER® Experiences because we believe travel can – and must – be a force for good. We have been in business over 100 years and it is our mission to continue that legacy. The only way we can continue to take guests on vacations that delight and inspire is to protect the people, places, and wildlife we visit.
Two years ago, we were the first brands at The Travel Corporation (TTC) to launch a ‘Global Volunteering Day’, a day when as many of our global team as possible come together to give back to the communities where we live and travel. On our inaugural Global Volunteering Day, we logged over 1,000 volunteer hours, supported grassroots organisations and connected with each other and our communities. It was a resounding success that we were ready to surpass in 2020, but unfortunately the Covid 19 pandemic had other plans for us. That said, I think the ongoing constraints of the pandemic highlight that our journey is a marathon and not a sprint. This year we’ve adapted our efforts and have logged many hours of volunteering under challenging circumstances in support of our HWTR Goal #10, to complete 30,000 volunteer hours by 2025 across all TTC brands.
Our commitment to our HWTR strategy is profound and its implementation will take dedication, perseverance, and innovation. Our culture of continuous improvement is the ideal environment in which to grow. I’m excited for what is ahead!
Alex is the Editor of Insightful, and has over 10 years' experience as a writer and editor within the travel industry. In his professional travels, he has been all over the world – from road-tripping in Australia and New Zealand, to eating his way around the Canadian Maritimes and criss-crossing Italy from Sardinia to Emilia-Romagna.