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Green valleys of the isle of sky, Scotland

A Whisky Lover’s Guide to Scotland: Discovering the Best Distilleries in Isle of Skye

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Pop quiz for anyone who’s fond of a stiffer tipple: what’s the difference between Scotch and whiskey? Well, Scotch is simply whiskey produced and bottled in Scotland. Only they spell the whiskey part without the…

Wormseye view of trees in forest

9 Need-To-Know Tips for Choosing Eco-Friendly Accommodations

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You want to book a room in an environmentally friendly hotel but you don’t know where to start. There are loads of eco-friendly accommodation options across the globe, though they are far from similar. Some…

wind turbines in desert landscape with mountains in background

How These Top Eco-Friendly Hotels Around the World are Championing Sustainable Practices

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Walk into Martinhal Lisbon Oriente and you’ll see a pile of trash in the lobby. The trash is an art installation created by Bordalo II, a Portuguese street artist who collects city garbage to use…

Grand Canyon

The Beauty and Splendor of America’s Canyonlands – By Brad Ford Insight Vacations President, Canada

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“If you have not touched the rocky wall of a canyon. If you have not heard a rushing river pound over cobblestones. If you have not seen a native trout rise in a crystalline pool…

April Fools’ Day Celebrations Across the Globe

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The origins of April Fool’s Day aren’t clear. It seems to date back to the 16th century, according to different accounts. In 1508, French poet Eloy D’Amerval referred to “poisson d’avril”, which is what the French call April Fools’…


Tasmania’s Food, Whiskey & Wine – Guest Story

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‘Tasmania is a place that is best explored like a local. Wine and dine your way through Tassie, sampling the finest local produce, home–grown wine, whiskey and gin, all of which is brought to life by…

Ulla and son in Burano

2021 TTC Top Three

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By Ulla Hefel Böhler I’ve been working in varying roles in the travel industry for some 25 years. In that time I have learnt two things, firstly that my passion for travel will never wane (and…

A Bridge from the Past to the Future

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BY THE TOLLMAN FAMILY   Dear Traveler, There are times when we can actually see the curve of history unfolding around us. 2020 has been such a year, and by no means easy. Most painfully, many…


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By TreadRight’s Ambassadors Dear Traveler, As we approach the end of 2020, we look back with a sigh at the year of travel that was not – then turn our focus to dreams of future…