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The dos and don’ts of foraging for your own food, with local expert Adele

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Foraging for food has increased in popularity over the last few years. Whether it is a fun activity that connects you to nature, or a lifestyle choice, foraging has been around since the dawn of…

three women enjoying wine and oysters by the ocean

6 common misconceptions about traveling with Insight Vacations

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If you’ve never traveled with Insight Vacations before, you’re probably wondering what to expect. You might even have some misconceptions about traveling with Insight. We’re helping to clear the air by addressing six of the…

Guided tours – the most economically honest way to travel?

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When it comes to travel, money matters. Travelling provides some of the most cherished experiences of our lives, so we want it to be economically safe, flexible, and transparent. But how do you guarantee that,…

The Insight packing guide for chasing the Northern Lights

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Calling all intrepid explorers who are chasing the Northern Lights: we’ve created a handy Insight guide for everything you’ll need to pack. With a bit of foresight, planning and a healthy dose of gumption, you’ll…

Culture shock: It’s actually a really good thing

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When we travel, we excitedly leave the comfort of familiar settings, eager to adventure into lands anew. But then, culture shock can creep in: we become disorientated, lose our bearings, and may even feel anxiety…

How to remove (some of) the stress of air travel this summer

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While air travel this summer may be a bit rocky, 2022 is still set to be an amazing comeback year. People all over the world are taking their dream trips, beating the delays, cancelations and…

Meet the Sami, the last indigenous people of Europe

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With the term ‘indigenous’, many people think first of the eclectic range of tribes across North and Latin America, from the Sioux to the Wayuu. However, did you know that there are indigenous Europeans that…

A friend made traveling is a friend for life, and these stories prove it

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They say (and we agree) that a friend made while traveling, is a friend for life. Many people make friends on travel tours, especially in the smaller, more intimate groups offered by Insight. Borne of…

How and where to celebrate Bastille Day in France

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Bastille Day in France is a national holiday marking the Storming of the Bastille in Paris in 1789, a major event in the French Revolution. Formally known in French as Fête nationale française (French National…