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Canada Unlocked: An Interview with Travelling Concierge Andrea Dionne

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Andrea Dionne, AKA “Happy Feather”, hails from Quebec and has been a Travelling Concierge for 29 years. The talented multilinguist is a huge fan of anthropology and it shows: the first thing she likes to…


Where to Visit in August

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August tends to conjure visions of crowded beaches, soaring temperatures and even higher prices. However, suffering any of these tribulations is usually a sign of woeful planning rather than any properties the month itself might…

Kama Sutra in Stone: The Erotic Temples of Khajuraho

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Designated as one of India’s seven wonders and one of the nation’s UNESCO World Heritage Sites, the temples of Khajuraho are a group of around 20 structures that once formed part of a larger complex…

The Calgary Stampede: An Insider’s Guide

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The freebooting days of the Wild West may have occupied a relatively short slice of American and Canadian history, but it’s also a period that both nations identify with on a massive scale. A testament…

King of the Castle: An insider’s guide to Chateau de Rochette

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The chateaux of France, ranging from functional Medievalism of de Vincennes and de Vitre, to the later Mannerism of Fontainebleau, number among the architectural wonders of their ages. And the 18th century chateau de Rochette,…


Where to Visit in July

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With many destinations enjoying warmer weather, July is traditionally the month associated most with vacations. Yet it’s also undoubtedly a month of two halves. Travelers should seek the period before schools break up if they…

Travel Memories to Hold on to

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After several sunny, warm days touring through the countryside of Ireland, our arrival into Waterville, in the county of Kerry, was met with crisp weather and cloudy skies. While some might have bemoaned the sun’s…

TreadRight Artisan Heritage Initiative

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Have you had a chance to watch our newest video featuring TreadRight Ambassador Celine Cousteau and her visit with Museo-Laboratorio di Tessitura a mano Giuditta Brozzetti in Perugia? To learn more about the Heritage Initiative or about TreadRight please…

Travel planning

How to Book the Perfect Tour Holiday

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The decisions that go into booking a tour, from destinations to budgets, from choosing an operator to making sure fellow travellers are happy, require wisdom, time and all the diplomatic skills of the UN. Instead…