golden mask of King Tutankhamun

100 years on: The fascinating story behind the discovery of King Tut’s Tomb

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In February 1923, archaeologist Howard Carter unsealed the door to the burial chamber of Pharaoh Tutankhamun, after years of searching for the elusive King Tut’s tomb. Carter’s determination and eventual discovery became a global obsession,…

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How to make your dollar go further with our Black Friday sale

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If you like to get the most bang for your buck when you travel, now is the time to book your next trip. With the US dollar strengthening as our Black Friday sale kicks off,…

hassan II mosque casablanca Moroccan architecture

From Islamic to art deco: A rich history of Moroccan architecture

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Set between Europe and Africa, Morocco has experienced centuries of different rulers, kingdoms, and cultural influences. From the ancient Berbers to the Muslim Arabs, Moors, and French, each ruler and culture left a legacy. This…

Craving a more authentic, meaningful travel experience? Go guided

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Meaningful travel can mean very different things different people but is always about making connections and leaving a positive impact and legacy. Maybe you want to connect with local people and wildlife? Or you might…

Of all the gin joints: the fascinating tale behind Rick’s cafe in Casablanca

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Inspired by the famous fictional gin joint in the movie “Casablanca”, American Kathy Kriger created a real-life Rick’s Cafe in Casablanca, Morocco. And now everyone can step back in time, escape to another world and…

7 benefits you’ve likely never considered for traveling in the off season

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Whilst summer may be the most popular time for vacations, traveling in the off season offers many benefits. In fact, this is the perfect time to visit many inspiring destinations. If you’re thinking about the…

The Wonders of Egypt, Christmas and a Birthday all rolled into one for the tour of a lifetime

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Picture the scene: It’s Christmas Day 2020 in the Lower household in the USA. Mr. Lower is unwrapping a gift box thoughtfully, and somewhat mysteriously, prepared by his wife, which includes a book about the…


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Each year, we run our #InsightMoments photography competition where guests from across the globe submit photos from their travels on Insight Vacations trips. We look for guests who truly capture what travel means to them,…

Bringing the Future in to Focus

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BY ELLA LURIE TOLLMAN Having been born a Tollman, I suppose it’s no surprise that travel has been such an important part in the first twenty years of my life. Though I grew up and currently…