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These 8 architectural masterpieces in Morocco will blow you away

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Standing proud at the crossroads of Africa and Europe, Morocco is sensory symphony that tantalizes the senses. Discover architectural masterpieces at every turn, bursting with history. Wander through labyrinthine medinas, where the scent of spices…

The best images from Insight Vacations’ Photography Competition

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This World Photography Day, we’re announcing the winners of our travel Photography Competition. Here, every click of the shutter captures a precious moment in time, transporting us to all corners of the world. From the…

Welcome to the fairytale world of Turkey’s Cappadocia

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In the dramatic, volcanic landscapes of Central Anatolia, you’ll find a fairytale land of underground cities, ‘fairy chimney’ rock formations, and cave homes built thousands of years ago. This is your insightful window into the…

Sunshine view over Taormina with yellow buildings in front and mountains behind, showing the spectacular architecture

Fascinating Sicilian history to discover in the ancient town of Taormina

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Nestled on the north-eastern coast of Sicily, Italy, the ancient town of Taormina stands as a living testament to Sicilian history. As you traverse the ancient streets, each cobblestone and each corner holds a story…

Pearls of the Adriatic: discover the world of oyster cultivation in Croatia

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In a picturesque peninsula sitting just near Dubrovnik, you’ll find unique pearls of the Adriatic. No, not the type that adorn the necks of the upper class; here, the gems are the oysters themselves. In…

Mother Nature’s medicine: the healing power of Canada’s great outdoors

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When it comes to the Great Outdoors, the outdoors don’t get much greater, wilder, or more inspiring than in Canada. Here, as well as fresh air, clear skies and landscapes that act as a soothing…

Man holding box of organic vegetables

How to Check if Your Tour Itinerary is Eco-Friendly

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Did you know that a single flight can generate more CO2 emissions than a single person may produce in a full year? A flight from London to New York City may emit approximately 1,000kg of…

Landscape of green fields with brown dairy cows with snowcapped mountains in background, Switzerland

11 Little known Facts About Switzerland’s Famous Emmental Cheese

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Fun facts about cheese always age well. Sure, some may stink — especially those about the French Epoisse de Bourgogne — but they’re always as interesting, quirky, or spreadable with friends as the cheese itself.…

These spring festivals have uniquely fascinating histories

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As winter bids adieu and nature awakens, communities around the globe celebrate with zestful spring festivals. Some observe religion, others preserve ancient traditions, and some are just a joyful time of year for a grand…