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Bright green and blue northern lights against the night sky with water in the foreground and mountains in the back

Spirits in the sky: the stories and science behind the Northern Lights

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Topping many travelers’ bucket list, the ethereal phenomenon of the northern lights has captivated humanity’s imagination for centuries. And, for the curious traveler the northern lights history also holds a mystical allure. Also known as…

Gardening enthusiasts, here’s why visiting the Chelsea Flower Show is an absolute must

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Bursting with blooms, the RHS Chelsea Flower Show in London is the world’s most prestigious flower and gardening show. Quintessentially English, this is the place to see cutting-edge garden design, new plants, sip champagne and…

Falling for fall: why October is the best time to visit East Coast USA

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With forests of burnished gold, crimson and caramel, bucolic country settings and local harvest festivals, October is truly the best time to visit the East Coast of the USA. Bringing an autumnal charm to a…

Mount Rushmore: An American icon with a complex legacy

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Mount Rushmore, with its majestic carvings of four iconic American presidents, stands as a testament to the nation’s history and ideals. However, behind its grandeur lies a complex and contentious history. We spoke with Travel…

Sun glinting over the bright blue waters of thermal springs located on white limestone terraces, Pamukkale, Turkey

Meet Linda, our Insightful Quiz champion of the month

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An adventurous soul, this month’s Insightful travel quiz champion Linda has had the privilege of seeing many countries, but still had some items on her bucket list she wants to see. And she’s obviously picked…

Machu Picchu, enveloped by cloud

The fascinating history of Peru’s rise as an astronomical superpower

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Incan Peru – what comes to mind immediately is Machu Picchu. But this extraordinary site is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to this ancient civilization’s extraordinary legacy. Scattered across the Andean…

Meet Insight guests Sue and David Cain: the ultimate traveling couple

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Incredible Insight guests Sue and David Cain have just completed their 38th Insight tour. The ultimate traveling couple, they already have their 39th and 40th tours booked for later this year. From Italy, France and…

The incredible insights you’ll uncover in 7 days on Magical Switzerland

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Switzerland has long captured the hearts – and curious minds – of travelers around the world. On our 7-day Magical Switzerland tour, you can expect breathtaking landscapes, pristine alpine lakes, and the most charming cities…

The most fascinating facts you never knew about Stonehenge

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Over the centuries, Stonehenge has captured the curiosity of scholars and mystics alike. This prehistoric stone monument holds a supernatural mystique, somewhat due to the sheer implausibility of its construction, especially with the technology available…