Our 2018 #InsightMoments winner is…

Our 2018 #InsightMoments winner is…

Our 2018 #InsightMoments winner is…

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Be it via DSLR or an iPhone camera, today we can freeze our favorite travel moments in time. In celebration of this we decided to launch an annual competition in 2015 to see who could best capture and ‘freeze’ our own Insight experiences. Over the course of a year guests submitted their entries through the hashtag #InsightMoments on our social media platforms. Today we have a winner.

Meet Stephanie Ozegovich, a food photographer and blogger from Long Island, New York. Stephanie captured an image of her delicious lobster linguine dish, savoured after a day exploring Rome.

The trip was extra special for Stephanie as it involved her own family and her sister’s partner’s family. Her sister ended up getting engaged in a truly special moment on the trip at Ponte Vecchio bridge.

Stephanie’s winning shot was captured at Ristorante Pizzeria “4 Fiumi” in Rome.

Tell me more about your trip:

This was my first trip with Insight. Each day was incredible but some of the best moments were the gondola ride, a 5-course dinner in Tuscany, walking through Sorrento and exploring and drinking our way through Villa Machiavelli. Saving the best for last, my sister’s partner proposed to her on the Ponte Vecchio bridge in Florence. It was such a beautiful moment that my family will cherish forever.

What was your inspiration behind the winning image?

The inspiration behind the shot was capturing the moment of our meal after a day exploring Rome. The lobster linguine dish was a special for the day and we decided last minute to get it. It turned out to be such a great choice!

Gelateria Dondoli has been voted the best ice cream in the world.

Do you have an tips to give other eager photographers traveling with us?

I use my Canon 77D. My best tip is to find the shot that captures the best story. When I take pictures for my blog, The Culinary Passport, I think about what would tell the best story and really showcase my experiences in the most interesting way. I plan out most of the shots but then the rest happens naturally.

What sort of experiences do you enjoy when you travel?

I like seeing and learning as much as possible, with pockets of time dedicated to relaxing and enjoying my surroundings. I enjoy all types of experiences on my travels and of course documenting them. I love to tell the story of my travels through photography and social media, including the dining experience I entered into the competition. It feels amazing to travel and try new things and I love to share this with as many people as possible!

How do you feel about being a 2018 #InsightMoments winner?

Stephanie enjoying limoncello at Villa Machiavelli.

It doesn’t feel real and it came at such an incredible time, from exploring a fabulous destination that will remain dear to my family. I want to travel more and learn more about culture and food around the world. I started my blog as a way to document my travels, the food I try and my photography. This trip made it even more possible to do what I love!

Where is next?

I travel a lot throughout the US every year but outside of the country I’ve been to Fiji, Canada, France, London, Aruba and Italy. On the top of my bucket list is Ireland, Africa and Greece and Switzerland!

Follow Stephanie’s travel on Instagram here: @theculinarypassport.

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