Our Thoughts on Paris

Illuminated Eiffel Tower post attacks

Our Thoughts on Paris

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“Here is the world. Beautiful and terrible things will happen. Don’t be afraid.”

Frederick Buechner

The recent tragedy in Paris left many of us reeling in dismay and sadness. Friday 13th of November will remain a day of recollection and mourning for those who so needless lost their lives in a city that is vibrant, joyful and in so many travellers hearts – a favourite destination.

We, at Insight Vacations are profoundly saddened by the awful event and have extended our utmost condolences to the people of Paris and the loved ones of those who perished. We are wishing those who were injured speed of recovery and we understand the injuries of this tragedy are beyond physical, but also in the hearts and minds of everyone involved.

Illuminated Eiffel Tower post 2015 attacks

Image © Yann Caradec/Flickr

Of course there is a resounding effect on travel when an event such as this takes place, and though Insight Vacations had no tours in Paris at the time, one of our sister companies had two groups in the city. All guests were safe and accounted for, but that isn’t where our responsibilities and concern ended:  Our entire family of thirty brands comprising our parent company,  The Travel Corporation (TTC), came together to ensure those is our care were safely in comfort and worries put at ease.

The Tour Directors, who normally lead our guests through an exciting day of travel experiences, found themselves in another position of responsibility – to use their knowledge of the local language, geographical logistics and cultural acumen to streamline emergency planning. And they did so with grace and confidence – in a way we know any of our tour directors and traveling concierges around the world would respond.

Air travel for all tours in France stayed on course – those scheduled to fly home were able to so as planned, and others who had arranged for more travel carried on without incident.  The Insight group scheduled to arrive in Paris on Saturday were appraised of the events by our staff and those who wished to return were given all the necessary assistance to get them home. Guests who remained in France were given a night in Lucerne instead of moving on to Paris, where they were provided sanctuary with a fireside evening of fondue, local wine and live music.

One of the many heartbreaks of incidents like the Paris tragedy, is the infiltration of fear. Fear stops people from exploring a world full of beauty and wonderment and instead has them haunted by “what ifs,” even when being caught up in an attack is statistically tiny. We at Insight choose to embrace the world by continuing on in the exploration of all it has to offer, and invite our guests to join us in doing the same in the comfort and care of those who want to provide you the best it has to give.  A group of Insight guests did just that on November 18 and 19th of last week and were in no way hindered. Lead by Insight Tour Director, Gary Junge, our guests enjoyed Parisian restaurants, the Eiffel Tower, museums, the Moulin Rouge and stood in solidarity with the locals by exuberantly soaking in the great city of Paris.

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Tour Directors and Insight guests stood in solidarity with locals in the best way possible: by enjoying everything Paris has to offer.

Our primary concern at Insight Vacations and all of the TTC brands is the safety and security of our guests. The beauty of being under the TTC umbrella is the camaraderie shared across all brands – we are built on a foundation of impassioned travellers who advocate to get out there and take in the beauty of the world and its cultures.  We strive to share the joy of new experiences, places and people with our guests by enveloping them with the highest levels of service and security.