This is the Perfect Two-Week Scandinavia Itinerary

by | 14 May 2024

Get ready for the ultimate Scandinavia itinerary: a transformative 15-day journey through stunning landscapes, charming cities, fairytale villages and majestic fjords. This special Insight Vacations tour starts in Denmark’s food-loving capital of Copenhagen before traversing the scenic farms of Sweden, powerful fjords of Norway, before finally finishing at cosmopolitan Oslo. This itinerary is truly the perfect adventure for two weeks in Scandinavia.

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What is the best month to visit Scandinavia?

A huge river curves around a valley, bright blue and rippling. The valley cliffs are rife with lush vegetation. It's one of Scandinavia's beautiful fjords

The best month to visit Scandinavia all depends on your preferences and interests. Want good weather and longer days for outdoor activities like hiking and sightseeing? Head in summer, from June through August. You could even experience the famous midnight sun phenomenon in northern regions, where the sun never sets; you can spend some time hiking at 3am if you wanted to!

Alternatively, from December to February, Scandinavia is ice cold yet majestic and magical. Snow-covered landscapes surround you, with plenty of opportunities for skiing, and the chance to witness the mesmerizing Northern Lights. Spring (March to May) and fall (September to November) bring their own unique charm, with colorful foliage and still ample chance to see the aurora borealis. Not only that, but it’s far less busy and often better value for money too. Ultimately, the best month to visit Scandinavia depends on you, and whether you prefer the vibrant energy of summer or the serene beauty of winter.

What is the best way to get around Scandinavia?


Guest being helped off off a coach by a Travel Director

You can get around Scandinavia via train, ferry, rental car, or even domestic flights. However, when considering factors like convenience, sustainability, and the opportunity for immersive experiences, we’d recommend coach travel as one of the best ways to get around.  With coach travel, such as on our guided tours, you get to truly take in the beauty of Scandinavia’s varied landscapes. Especially as you’re not the one stressing about driving and parking in a foreign country! Not only that, but coach travel is actually the most sustainable way to get around, even moreso than train. What’s even better with our tour is that you’ll be with the same group over your two weeks in Scandinavia, so traveling in your group really fosters socialising and camaraderies with your fellow travelers. Any good Scandinavia itinerary takes you through multiple countries, which are actually really easy to drive between. So, while other modes of transportation have their merits, coach travel stands out as the best way to explore Scandinavia comprehensively and responsibly.

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Starting in the City of Spires

Skyline view of Copenhagen with church spires visible

First, we begin in Copenhagen, the fantastic ‘City of Spires’ Settle in and relax after your flight before joining your Travel Director and fellow travelers for an exciting welcome dinner. Then, we’ll end the night with enchanting drinks at the world-famous Tivoli Gardens amusement park.

The next day, explore Copenhagen with a Local Expert. You’ll have the opportunity to discover iconic landmarks like the Little Mermaid statue, Christiansborg Palace, Rosenborg Castle, Amalienborg Palace, the Renaissance Stock Exchange, and Copenhagen Cathedral. Perhaps take an Optional Experience into the picturesque Danish countryside to see the castles of North Zealand?

See full itinerary: Spectacular Scandinavia & Its Fjords


Sweden in style

Next on our Scandinavia itinerary is Gothenburg, which we’ll get to by passing along Sweden’s west coast, delving into its rich cultural heritage and maritime history with a Local Expert. Enjoy an evening at leisure, strolling along leafy boulevards and savoring the local cuisine. We’ll hit the road to get to Stockholm, passing by a patchwork of fertile farmland along the shores of Lake Vättern. Our pit-stop is the family-run Grännaberget café, where you’ll meet Mattias and try a traditional Swedish ‘Fika’ experience – the ultimate coffee break. Try freshly-baked pastries sourced from local farms while supporting the café, a traditional 18th century Swedish house. This MAKE TRAVEL MATTER® Experience advances SDG11: Sustainable Cities and Communities.

Then, we arrive at the Swedish capital. Wander the medieval old town of Gamla Stan with a Local Expert, before heading to the Blå hallen, the Blue Hall, host to the Nobel Prize banquets. Then to the city centre and inside the fabulous Gyllene salen, the Golden Hall, which is covered by 18 million gilded mosaic tiles. You have plenty of free time to spend here; perhaps try the Vasa museum to learn about Stockholm’s long maritime history. With the Stockholm archipelago of 30000+ islands nearby, it’s not hard to see where such history comes from.

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Onwards to Norway

Next, we’ll head to the historic cities of Uppsala, and Sigtuna. In the former, we’ll find Scandinavia’s oldest university. In the latter, a tiny City Hall in what used to be the capital of viking Sweden. Waiting for us is Hans Odoo, a captivating local storyteller, as he unveils the rich history of the Carl Linneaus Garden botanical on a guided tour. Then, venture to Falun, a charming historic mining town, where you’ll indulge in a delectable meal at a local restaurant, showcasing the finest locally-sourced ingredients.

Delve deeper into the forested heart of the country as you journey towards Sälen, the renowned starting point of the Vasaloppet, the world’s oldest and longest cross-country ski race. Continuing your adventure, cross the border into Norway, passing through Hamar, known for its Olympic ice skating rink resembling an upturned Viking ship. Indeed, viking remnants,  Follow the shores of Mjøsa, Norway’s largest lake, to reach Lillehammer, famed for hosting the 1994 Winter Olympics.

See full itinerary: Spectacular Scandinavia & Its Fjords

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The powerful fjords

A huge fjord curves around a valley, with a boat cruising through its waters and snow-capped mountains making up the background.

Get ready to traverse the picturesque countryside of Peer Gynt, immortalized by Henrik Ibsen in his 1867 play. Wind along scenic roads, passing waterfalls, stave churches over 800 years old, rivers, and snow-capped peaks. What is a Scandinavia itinerary without majestic fjords? We’ll eventually arrive to the enchanting village of Geiranger, where you’ll spend two nights admiring fjords and towering mountains. What’s just as amazing as your surroundings is the spa hotel where you’ll stay. Get ready for truly incredible views in iconic settings, like when you’re relaxing in the jacuzzi or on the rooftop garden.

While in Geiranger, we’ll take a scenic fjord cruise, offering unforgettable angles of the majestic surroundings. Then it’s off to the Bøya Glacier for a photo-stop before exploring Fjærland. Here, choose between visiting the interactive Norwegian Glacier Museum at the foot of the Jostedal Glacier, the largest icecap in continental Europe, and learn about climate change and sustainability. Or, take a guided walk through the village with a Local Expert, gaining insight into life between the fjord and the glacier. Conclude your day with a scenic drive to your historic fjord hotel in Leikanger, where you’ll indulge in a dinner showcasing fresh, locally-sourced produce.

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To Bergen and Beyond

Colourful buildings sit in front of a port, where sailboats lie moored to the promenade

Cross the serene waters of Norway’s magnificent Sognefjord, the longest fjord in the country, before embarking on an awe-inspiring journey aboard the Flåm Railway. We’ll take the train until Hardangerfjord, where we stop to visit a family-run fruit farm spanning eight generations. Sample their fresh apple juice and homemade cider, before we continue on to historic Bergen. A Local Expert is waiting to show you the picturesque Fish Market and medieval Haakon’s Hall. We’ll wander around this beautiful Nordic city, which is dwarfed by the picturesque mount Floyen nearby. Then, we go through scenic landscapes and picturesque ski resorts until we arrive to Oslo. You’ll have plenty of time to see all the sights, while getting the insights from your local guide. This includes the Royal Palace, Akershush Fortress, Bjorvika, the Opera House, and the intriguing figures in Vigeland Sculpture Park.

We’ll then conclude this Scandinavian adventure with a Celebration Dinner at a local restaurant, where we’ll toast to unforgettable experiences and newfound friendships.

See the tour: Spectacular Scandinavia & Its Fjords

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