The best images from Insight Vacations’ Photography Competition

by | 18 Aug 2023

This World Photography Day, we’re announcing the winners of our travel Photography Competition. Here, every click of the shutter captures a precious moment in time, transporting us to all corners of the world. From the tranquil landscapes of distant mountains to the bustling streets of vibrant cities, these images bring to life some amazing locations that you can visit yourself on an Insight Vacations tour.

Get ready to be inspired by some of our guests’ most amazing travel photography.


10 – Zizette’s birds eye view of Dubrovnik

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A beautiful entry taken on the Country Roads of Croatia tour. We love how this captures the essence of the Croatian Mediterranean from a great angle. Terracotta roofs, lush islands, and the calm, turquoise waters of the Adriatic stretching out into the horizon.

Discover Dubrovnik and more on the Country Roads of Croatia

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9 – Nancy’s Budapest balcony shot

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‘My husband Norm and I were on the tour celebrating our 35th wedding anniversary. We were just exploring the Fisherman’s Bastian in Budapest and Norm showed me a similar picture that he took and I used his idea to take this one. It was our first trip to Europe.

Discover all the sights and insights of The Bohemian

8 – Karen’s waterfall capture in Jasper

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‘It was taken at Sunwapta Falls, Jasper, Alberta Canada. My sister had been to Sunwapta previously and said it was a must to see and she was right!!’

This wonderful capture is one of the most energetic of our photography competition. It contrasts the rush and passion of Sunwapta Falls with the peaceful calm of the forest and clouds surrounding. Gorgeous.

Discover Sunwapta Falls on Spectacular Rockies and Glaciers of Alberta

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7 – Karin’s silhouetted safari snap

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Though taken in Zimbabwe, and not on an Insight tour, this previous Insight guest shared a photo we couldn’t help but place in our top 10. Need we say much? Beautiful sunset colors reflect off a serene river, silhouetting a group of friends striking a pose. This capture would make anyone want to travel.

‘This was taken on a private safari tour, on the banks of the Zambezi, Mana Pools, Zimbabwe. We are all wildlife artists and members of the International Society of Scratchboard Artists, gathering reference material for future art projects. Photo was taken with a generic IPhone 12 Pro lol. Amazing what they can do these days.’

Travel Africa in style on an Insight tour

6 – Brenda’s beautiful archway

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This archway photo, taken in Peru, holds many beautiful photographic elements. It’s framed well within an arch. There are plenty of shapes and lines running in several directions. The color scheme is dynamic, shifting from a rustic beige, to grassy green, to the sand-colored hills, and then to the bright white sky (with grey clouds too!). These elements earned its place as sixth on our photography competition.

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5 – Sue’s lakeside capture

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We love a good reflection photo. This one, taken by Sue in the Dolomites at Lago Di Carezza, is a fantastic example. The crystal clear lake shows off the alpine trees and towering mountains in spectacular fashion. It all looks so peaceful, doesn’t it?

‘Hiking the Dolomites in Italy is a journey through an ever-changing landscape of rugged peaks, lush valleys, and captivating alpine scenery. This summer I was able to explore this breathtaking part of the world. Lago di Carezza, is a captivating gem in the heart of the Dolomites, Italy. The ever-changing colour of the lake, alpine trees and towering peaks create a surreal reflection of the surrounding landscape. If you want to experience the beauty and serenity of the Dolomites but don’t want to do the hike, this magical lake of Lago di Carezza is easily accessible by car/bus.’

Discover all the sights and insights of Northern Italy on Country Roads of Italy

4 – Anna’s monumental photo of Monument Valley

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Taken by Anna’s iPhone 12, we’re in love with the vibrant, earthy colors of this photo in Monument Valley. Also, all the amazing shapes made by the landscapes in the distance.

Discover Monument Valley like Anna on America’s Magnificent National Parks


3 – Mike’s Santorini sunset

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The sense of depth in this photo is simply amazing. The cruise ship looks minuscule, yet at the same time captures the eye and attention in this composition. We love how the sky and the sea seemingly blend into one, where you can’t tell where one starts and the other ends…

Note from our Editor: ‘Santorini has a truly, magical, otherworldly quality – and this photo captures it in a unique and original way. The cocktails on the waiter’s tray, the silhouetted figures looking out over the shimmering sea, the hazy quality of the light… bravo.’

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2 – L Gwin’s eye of the tiger

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The quality of a photograph goes beyond its technicality. Though the resolution on this is comparatively low, the sense of drama, as well as the framing is excellent. We see clearly the tiger’s predator eyes, its attention grabbed by something off-frame. We follow its gaze and find our own blocked by the tree in the foreground. What is the tiger looking at? Why?

Note from our Editor: ‘When you have a subject with the poise and presence of a Bengal tiger, it would be easy to assume a powerful photo would be easy to capture. But this couldn’t be further from the truth. In fact, it’s incredibly hard to photograph animals in the wild, let alone with the sense of drama that this photo conveys.’

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1 – Maureen’s vision of Switzerland

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Few photos have made us want to close the laptop and book a flight more than this one. Capturing Switzerland’s serene, delicate beauty, the colors on Maureen’s capture are truly stunning. That’s why it’s achieved first place in our photography competition. This is a photo we’d want printed, signed, and sent to every guest considering a visit to Montreux.

‘The photo is from Montreux looking over Lake Geneva, Switzerland, in May 2018. We (my friend & I) we’re visiting a small market by the lake.

I have completed 13 Insight tours over as many years. Some with my husband, some with a girlfriend & a couple on my own. I found The Country Roads tour of Switzerland spectacular. A photographers dream. I used a Panasonic Lumix Model DMC-TZ80. I like the 30x Optical zoom. This year I have been using an Apple iPhone 13 Pro Max for night photos but still like using a camera. Looking forward to more adventures & photos in Nov when I go on Alpine Christmas Market Tours.’

Note from our Editor: ‘Maureen’s photo of a burst of wild flowers on the banks of Lake Geneva put a massive smile on our faces. The contrast of the blazing oranges and reds of the flowers against the luminous blue backdrop of the lake wasn’t just eye-catching, but genuinely mood-boosting. It felt spontaneous and captured that wonderful feeling of being somewhere new for the first time, and finding joy and inspiration in the little details and moments you might take for granted at home.’

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