The Secret To Mindful Travel

by | 11 Sep 2017

Free of charge and available anywhere, mindfulness is a great way to improve your travel experience. A trip to a new destination can be a great opportunity to practice mindful living, whether that’s simply noting down the little things that made you smile that day, setting aside five minutes to give your brain a break via meditation, or taking some time out from technology, these effective techniques can help us get the most out of our vacations. Follow our selection of simple-to-follow tips for the secret to mindful travel, and a trip you will truly cherish.

Pack a notebook and pen in your hand luggage

It may seem like a small detail, but having a pen and paper with you can really help you appreciate each moment of your travels. Inspired by a day spent exploring the Hermitage in St Petersburg? Then it’s the ideal time to take a moment for yourself to journal, draw or simply note down the little things you most the enjoyed. It’s also worth jotting down an intention for your trip and what you are hoping to achieve from the journey, so that you can remind yourself when necessary.

Mindful Travel

Travel journal © iStock/Maxiphoto

Use a mindfulness app

The most direct way of adopting a more mindful approach is via meditation, although we all know that this can be a challenging habit to adopt at first. However, taking time out from your usual routine offers the perfect opportunity to practice some meditation techniques with user-friendly apps like Headspace. Set aside five or ten minutes to listen to a guided meditation to re-center yourself and really make the most of the present moment.

Mindful Travel

Man using a mindfulness app © iStock/Martin Dimitrov

Less is more

It can be tempting to try and fit as much as possible into your trip, but a less is more approach can help you create more meaningful experiences and allow you to explore what you do see on a deeper level. Don’t feel bad if you don’t manage to tick off every attraction a destination has to offer, and make an effort savor any free time you do have. See it as a chance to discover something new and surprising; it might be the spontaneous discovery of a bustling market or stumbling upon a fantastic view.

Mindful Travel

Moroccan market © iStock/xavierarnau

Favor analog over digital

For avid photographers, stepping away from the automatic ease of digital cameras in favor of film can help you consider your surroundings more thoughtfully. While smartphone snaps and digital cameras still have their place and are wonderfully easy to use, film cameras require careful consideration and composition for the perfect photo. Take the time to reflect on what it is you’re looking to capture, and you may come home with some seriously special photographs.

Mindful Travel

Analog camera © iStock/Sergey Peterman

Mindful eating

Wherever we travel, exploring the cuisine is usually a priority for most travelers. This is where mindful eating comes into play, because being able to truly appreciate a dish can often be one of our most memorable experiences. It can be tempting to opt for convenience, but it’s beneficial to take time to savor every bite and enjoy every sensation of a leisurely meal, whether it’s Bucatini all’amatriciana in Rome or fragrant Pho in Ho Chi Minh City.

Master the secret of mindful travel on your next Insight Vacations journey for unforgettable travel experiences that will last a lifetime.

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