The Charm of Switzerland in the Fall

by | 1 Jul 2024

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What do you see when you picture Switzerland? Rolling green meadows, peppered with timber farm buildings? Cosmopolitan cities? Or perhaps it’s the crisp white peaks of the Alps gleaming beneath a cloudless blue sky? Switzerland is synonymous with Europe’s grandest mountain range and is home to 9 of its 10 tallest mountains, including the iconic Matterhorn. Rising like the crooked tip of witch’s hat, this cartoonishly triangular peak is recognisable worldwide as symbol of the Alps’ majesty, and of Switzerland.

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But just because Switzerland is famous for its snow-capped peaks, that doesn’t mean you need to hit the slopes to enjoy it at its best. In fact, according to Zurich local, and this week’s Insightful Destination Expert Pascal Prinz, one of the best times to experience Switzerland is before many of the ski pistes have even opened for business – in the fall, between September and November.

Read on to find out Pascal’s favorite things about Switzerland in the fall, then jump over to put what you’ve learnt to the test in our Insightful Trivia Game – with 5 questions curated by Pascal himself.


Switzerland – natural charm, year round

View of a hillside in the late afternoon sun, with fall-coloured trees and traditional chalet-style buildings

Switzerland is known for its dramatic mountainous scenery, but you don’t have to be up high to fall for its charms. You only need to step off the plane, or coach. As Pascal says: “What I love most about Switzerland are all the things you get to see on a daily basis: our nature, people, convenience, quality of life, public transportation system and four language regions.”

“Switzerland gives you energy,” says Pascal, “it’s a treat for the mind, the body and the soul.” It’s also a place of immense variety, he adds. “You can experience touching palm trees, seeing a glacier, and visiting a world-renowned art museum all in a single day.”


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Fall is a feast for the senses

A red train passing through an autumnal Alpine landscape

In the summer, Switzerland hums with life. Vineyards, fields and Alpine meadows glow radiant green, while the country’s 1,500-odd lakes sparkle in the sunlight like the watches and jewellery displayed in the windows of Geneva’s boutiques.

But, Pascal says, it’s in the fall when Switzerland’s subtler manners of seduction are visible. “Fall brings a unique and heightened sense of wonder” he says. “The light softens, colours deepen, the air smells refreshingly crisp, and even the wind carries a distinct feeling. From September to November, this season invites you to immerse yourself in intense discoveries and experiences that engage all your senses.”


Switzerland through a local lens

Two farmers dressed in traditional clothes leading a herd of cows along a road through a green valley

With the vast array of things to do in Switzerland in the fall – from swimming in its lakes, at their warmest in September and October, to crowd-free visits to its starriest resorts – it can be a bit daunting knowing where to start. That’s where Pascal’s local knowledge comes in.

“Whether on a hike in the forest, in a restaurant or at a culinary and wine festival, the scent and colors of autumn can be discovered in many ways” says Pascal. “I recommend visiting at least one city and mountain region.” He also has a more specific suggestion, one that only someone who knows Switzerland well would be able to make. “My tip as a local is to attend a cattle descent. It’s a glorious celebration of mountain life, genuine, and authentic and you get rewarded with local food and a great living tradition.”

From scenic hikes, to dining and drinking on authentic Swiss cuisine, it’s clear there are many ways to make the most of Switzerland’s glorious fall conditions. And while we can’t list them all, we can expand on Pascal’s recommendations, and introduce you to some of the Premium Experiences we offer on our ‘Business Class’ Tours to Switzerland.

Pascal’s top 3 things to do in Switzerland in the fall:

Witness an Alpine descent

A child and a woman dressed in traditional regalia lead a herd of decorated cows through the centre of a Swiss town

Known variously as Alpabzug, Désalpe or S-chargiada, the Alpine Descent is one of the most quintessentially Swiss events in the seasonal calendar. Every fall, around 400,000 dairy cattle (and 200,000 sheep) descend from ‘Alpen’, the lush, high-altitude pastures that give the Alps their name.

Dressed in crowns of bright flowers, seasonal garlands, and large bronze bells, it’s a bovine fashion parade that rattles the shutters of chalets as it rumbles past. These descents take place all over Switzerland, but the cantons of Valais, Jura and Fribourg are particular hotspots for catching a glimpse of this extraordinary event.

Attend a wine festival

A hand holding a glass of white wine close to the camera, Alpine scene visible in the blurred background

While its neighbors France, Italy and Germany are well known (to a greater or lesser degree) for being wine-producing nations, Switzerland is often overlooked. This is mainly since only 1% its wine is sold outside its borders, with the Swiss themselves polishing off the remaining 99%.

But Switzerland is paradise for wine aficionados, with over 1,500 wine growers cultivating over 250 different varieties of grape and producing around 100 million bottles every year. There are also no less than 16 wine festivals every fall – from grape harvesting festivals in September, to cellar-touring festivals in November.

Embark on a scenic hike

A man walking through autumnal woods with the Matterhorn visible in the background

If there’s one thing Switzerland is known for, it’s the sublime scenery. From wooded hillsides to fjord-like glacial valleys, Alpine meadows to lake-dappled plateaus, Switzerland’s stunning natural beauty isn’t hard to find.

Fall is the perfect time to see some of this beauty up close on foot, as milder day time temperatures coincide with the changing foliage. From trails that boast the best views to those that give you the best chance of spotting wildlife, this handy guide rounds up the 14 best hiking routes for your fall foray.

See the best of Switzerland in the fall with these Premium Experiences:

Ascend the summit of Mount Stanserhorn

view looking down on a cable car ascending a mountain surrounded by Alpine scenery

Journey to the top of Mount Stanserhorn on a panoramic, open-top cable car powered by solar energy, and enjoy spectacular views from the summit. Walk along beautiful scenic pathways, keeping an eye out for marmots and other native animals, with the chance to hear a conservation talk by a Swiss ranger, to learn about local wildlife and flora. This MAKE TRAVEL MATTER® Experience directly supports United Nations Sustainable Development Goal 7 & 15: Affordable and Clean Energy & Life on Land.

Ride the Glacier Express

Red train passing on a viaduct in the Swiss Alps

Travel along the route of the iconic Glacier Express, dubbed the ‘slowest express train in the world’. In this case, slow is best as it gives you the chance to truly appreciate the views, looping tunnels and dizzying viaducts as you trundle through the scenic heart of the Alps

Explore Chillon Castle with a Local Expert

Large castle on the edge of a lake shot against a blue sky

On the western bay of Lake Geneva, visit Chillon Castle, immortalized by Lord Byron’s ‘Prisoner of Chillon.’ This special tour is led by the castle’s Head of Collections who’ll share their knowledge of the chateau’s artifacts, treasures and history. Keep a look out for where the infamous writer is rumoured to have left his mark.


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The best part? The majority of Insight Vacation’s experiences, hotels and suppliers across Switzerland participate in their national sustainability program. “Swisstainable” was launched in 2021 as a new approach to sustainable travel and aims to enable and encourage travellers to enjoy nature up close and first hand, to experience culture in an authentic way and to consume regional produce. It also encourages travellers to stay for longer and delve deeper. So when you experience Switzerland with Insight Vacations in the fall, you’ll be travelling responsibly.

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