Uncover the secrets of the Grand Canyon

by | 9 Jul 2019

One of the world’s seven natural wonders, find out more about its fascinating formation and where best to capture the most impressive views, with geology and canyon expert, Tim Wilson. 

I believe the Grand Canyon is an absolute must-see on any trip to the United States, particularly if you’re heading to the West. To my mind, it’s a birth right for every single person on earth to see this geological wonder.

I’m a qualified geologist and have worked on the South Rim of the canyon for seven years. The first time I saw the canyon was while working for the conservation corps based out in Flagstaff, Arizona. I fell in love with the canyon and soon decided to pursue a career here. Eager to share my passion with visitors, I began working as a geology expert and Grand Canyon guide.

Insight guests are given something extra special. They are treated to an exclusive introduction by me to the canyon, something that will enhance and enrich their overall experience as they find out more about its five-million-year history. This is not something available to all visitors.

They will learn about the different forces of geology and more about the two billion years of Earth’s history that is now exposed in the walls of the Grand Canyon, layers of rock formed in ancient oceans, vast sand deserts, and calm coastal environments often teeming with primitive life.

I like to share a few surprising facts about the canyon. For example, one thing a lot of people don’t know is the wealth of biological diversity that the canyon has. Most visitors don’t expect to arrive at a forest when they get here, and they are surprised to learn that the bottom of the canyon is a desert just like Phoenix or Las Vegas. It’s home to over two dozen mammal species, five native fish, eight amphibians and hundreds of birds and reptiles.

Afterwards, Insight guests are treated to a glass of sparkling wine overlooking the Grand Canyon’s South Rim at sunset before sitting down to a Highlight Dinner with a view in the Thunderbird Room of the Thunderbird lodge.

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