Tips to Create the Perfect Photo Album

Tips to Create the Perfect Photo Album

Tips to Create the Perfect Photo Album

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On your last family vacation, you captured the smiles, that romantic gondola ride, and the new friends you met along way. But all these memories are now buried under hundreds of photos taken since, or worse, festering away on a memory card, in that drawer you hardly ever open.

Bring your memories back to life with a satisfying photo album an arm’s length away that you can pull out on those quiet days at home. Or even better, have on your coffee table, ready to share with friends and family.

We know the task seems daunting, so we are here to help you get it done. Read on for tips and learn how we don’t just create unique vacations, but also help you
immortalize cherished memories and experiences.

1. Organize your photos

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Whether all your photos are on your phone, computer, or you already had them printed out, start going through them and store your favorites in a separate folder.

This shouldn’t take long and should be fun – a first chance to relive those fond memories.


 2. Choose your photo album style

© Photo by Rirri on Unsplash

The possibilities are endless, so let us help you figure out how to proceed:

Are you more of a “the quicker I do this, the better? If so, finding a website to create your album might be your most straightforward and efficient option. They also allow you to pick from ready-made themes that are easy to fill.

Or perhaps, are you the type of person who saves museum ticket stubs, maps. postcards or random memorabilia?  If so, scrapbooking might be calling for you. Your next step is to get those favorite pictures printed and delivered to your home.


 3. Pick a Theme

Whichever way you decide to make your album, you can also think of a theme. Your family reunion trip on  Best of California might be more fun in a colorful or playful layout. However, you might have traveled on America’s Magnificent National Parks visiting Monument Valley, the Grand Canyon and Yellowstone National Park. In that case, you might prefer a more sober, minimalist theme that highlights your photos.

The options are countless but don’t overthink it. What comes first comes to mind when you think of that trip?


 4. Tell your story

You have your photos and your album, now is the time to think about how you want to display them. Chronologically might be the easiest and most obvious choice, but you can and works well if you explored a country in-depth, like on the Britain and Ireland Discovery, but you can also have more freedom. If you hopped around the main Italian cities on Best of Italy, you might just organize your album around key moments in each town, regardless of the itinerary.


5. Displaying your photos

There is no right or wrong, but don’t be shy. When trying to get a group picture, include the different takes, with the “best” one  highlighted in bigger size. Those missed takes often also have the most candid smiles and are just as important part of building that memory. And on the next page, don’t be shy about dedicating an entire page to that beautiful shot of you and your partner atop Geiranger Fjord on the Grand Scandinavia journey you took for your anniversary.  And lastly, change it up from page to page to keep it fun and engaging.


 6. Include captions

You told your story with your pictures, but remember, you can also add text. A date, the name of a place, or even a little story, will help secure that memory for years to come.  Let’s be honest, none of us will remember all the places visited on European Discovery journey or even on your Highlights of Poland trip.


7. Keep your album in sight

Last but not least, keep your albums visible, on a bookshelf, or as a coffee table book. And don’t be shy about sharing it with family, so you can enjoy those memories over and over again.