Travel Memories to Hold on to

Travel Memories to Hold on to

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After several sunny, warm days touring through the countryside of Ireland, our arrival into Waterville, in the county of Kerry, was met with crisp weather and cloudy skies. While some might have bemoaned the sun’s departure, under misty skies is how I like Ireland best.

My Ireland tour with Insight Vacations took part during the fall, when many travelers have long ventured to warmer climates and businesses, especially those located along the coast, prepare to close for the season.

The narrow streets were quiet and the beaches were isolated, welcoming moments of solitude and reflection. I broke away from our group and walked down the rocky beach, the shallow water’s edge gently caressing the shore. I looked out towards Lough Currane and fell in love with its stillness.

I took off my shoes and walked in, finding my footing on the smooth stones as the chill of the water ran up my bones. Should you ask, I can tell you a lot about this beautiful beach town; its serene waters during the colder months and how its promenade is known to come to life when the weather is warmer. I can tell you about its colorful rocks, the baby blue ones being my favorite, and the rainbow created by the multicolor cottages along the bay. I can tell you the water is cold, the freeze of which feels sudden, probably more so if you aren’t used to it. Yet, this was my way of solidifying a moment during my tour.


Top to Bottom: Fall in Ireland, and Waterville .

There is no shortage of memories you will want to hold on to when traveling with Insight Vacations. Either from a captivating story shared by your tour guide, or from a new friendship made with a fellow tour goer. It might be from one of the many experiences in the tour where you’ll meet local hosts and or from a new discovery while exploring a destination on your own.

Because I had not to worry about anything else – be it my luggage, transportation to the next hotel, or even reservations for my next meal – I spent all of my time creating memories and taking in the experience with all my senses.

And thus, I find myself back home craving the softness of the bed in Ashford Castle, as well as the freedom my spirit felt while cycling around the beautiful grounds there.

Ashford Castle

Top to Bottom: Ashford Castle, and Cliffs of Moher.

I miss the sounds of the bag piper’s music as it danced along the hills overlooking the Cliffs of Moher.

I still smile when thinking about the friends I made over a pint of Guinness while eating fish and chips at a local pub, one of many stops we made along the way.

My heart skips a beat everytime I see one of the many photographs I took while walking in the rain in Galway, or right before sunrise in Dublin, and just as the sun set in Castleconnell, near Limerick.


Top to Bottom: Rainy day in Galway, and Sunrise in Dublin.

I was provided with all the comforts by Insight to not only enjoy the journey, but also the destination, and in the process, was left with endless travel memories I will forever cherish and hope to grow even more in future trips to come.