How we’re breaking traditions & paving the way for female empowerment

How we’re breaking traditions & paving the way for female empowerment

How we’re breaking traditions & paving the way for female empowerment

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This #InternationalWomensDay, we are proud to celebrate the #BalanceForBetter movement. Globally, 70% of our team members are women, and what we do wouldn’t be possible without them.

At Insight Vacations we create a safe environment to support solo female travelers looking to head out and explore with new friends. This includes guests such as Nimmy P, who has returned to use Insight Vacations and Luxury Gold numerous times.

“My love story with Insight Vacations began in 2013 when I first decided to travel solo. I’ve since been on 17 other Insight Vacations trips, including three Luxury Gold journeys. As a solo female traveler with these two trusted travel companies, I know I can relax and travel with class, comfort, care, safety and trust”, Nimmy tells CEO of Luxury Gold and Insight Vacations, Ulla Hefel Böhler.

In order to provide the comfort, care, safety and trust Nimmy talks about, Ulla focuses on working in a positive team with strong female leaders.

“I’m extremely fortunate to have an exceptional team who inspire and challenge me every day”, she says – a nod to the 70% stat of women that make up Insight Vacations and Luxury Gold’s global team.

“Our global executive team consists of outstanding professionals, more than half of which are women. We will always hire for talent and the right cultural fit to ensure we have the best possible team and I love seeing how over the last few years, more women are putting themselves forward for senior leadership positions and excelling in their roles”.

The majority of the workforce in the travel industry is made up of females, making the industry an important component of female empowerment around the globe. Both brands focus on ensuring equality at all levels of the organization, as we recognize the power of a gender balanced workplace. Our outstanding Travel Directors and Traveling Concierges lead our journeys and are the face of our brands. We are proud to be equally represented, with a 50:50 balance.

Both Insight Vacations and Luxury Gold also work to enrich travel experiences by protecting and conserving the stunningly beautiful environments, fascinating cultures and awe-inspiring communities of our world, including supporting local women globally. Powered by our not-for-profit, The TreadRight Foundation, our mission is to safeguard people, wildlife and the planet for generations to come. Our guests can help us make travel matter through 50 sustainable projects we support worldwide and empower women in local communities, including our newest project, the Iraq Al-Amir Women’s Cooperative in Jordan alongside our Sustainability Ambassador, Céline Cousteau.