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Delve into Russia’s opulent history

Discover the opulent remains of Russia’s tsars and their fairy tale palaces.

Head out on one of these unique trips and experience a world of old-world grandeur, decadent architecture and exceptional art pieces. From Moscow’s Red Square to St Basil’s domed cathedral, you’ll be met with elegance and charm aplenty.

Along the way indulge on regional flavours as you try local dishes at a Celebration Dinner in Moscow. Head out on exclusive Insight Experiences, including meeting a local priest at St. Nicolas Church in Suzdal. Throughout your trip you’ll be guided by the best, your knowledgeable Travel Director.


Featured Journeys

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Easy Pace Easy Pace

The Golden Ring (Preview 2020)

5 days from US$1,643

The Golden Ring of once-fortified cities northeast of Moscow, stood witness to some of the most significant events in Russian history. Considered virtual open air museums, their Kremlins, monasteries, cathedrals and churches feature remarkable architecture from the 12th- 18th centuries. With bells ringing out from towering belfries, whitewashed walls, golden spires and onion domes marking the horizon, they rank among the most picturesque in the land.

Easy Pace Russia (Preview 2020)

8 days from US$2,385

Experience the grandeur of Russia, exploring the baroque architecture of St Petersburg and the palaces of Moscow. Marvel at the famous art collection of the Hermitage Museum and travel by hydrofoil and high-speed train in perfect style.

Russia, Warsaw & the Baltic States (Preview 2020)

15 days from US$4,136

From a resurgent Warsaw, head to the thriving Baltic capitals. Your journey reaches its zenith with seven nights in Russia's two imperial cities.

Northern Capitals & Russia (Preview 2020)

18 days from US$4,995

An all-embracing journey of Scandinavia, the Baltic, Russia, Lithuania and Poland, showcasing Baroque splendour, fine design and historic conflicts and resolutions.

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