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A Message From The TTC President & Chief Executive

Brett Tollman - President & Chief Executive, TTCAs we all know, it is each person and company’s responsibility today to protect and restore our environment. At TTC we take this responsibility seriously. Our pledge is to educate and train our thousands of staff around the world to do their part in the sustainable development of tourism. We share our commitment with every passenger and guest as we strongly believe each and every person can make a difference, both in their daily lives and when on holiday. Our efforts have seen us implementing the use of recycled materials everywhere possible, installing energy saving systems in our hotel and offices, and urging our staff to support worthy causes by allowing each one of them company time to undertake volunteer local charity work.

TTC has always believed strongly that travel and tourism companies play a vital role in protecting the world’s natural habitats, cultural heritage sites and communities. It is out of this belief that the TreadRight Foundation was created. TreadRight allows us to realise our responsibility to foster and positively impact the destinations in which all of our travel brands operate.

TreadRight Foundation supports projects that provide assistance across a range of areas such as empowering indigenous communities to protect country and culture, uncovering and preserving historical sites and minimising the impact of tourism on our precious waterways. We support the World Legacy Awards, a new initiative of the National Geographic Society. The awards recognise companies, organisations and destinations that are driving the positive transformation of the tourism industry, through following sustainable tourism best practices. Ultimately we hope that the admirable efforts and accomplishments of many within our industry will result in others following the fine example of ours, and of the winners of the World Legacy Awards, by adopting practices and implementing policies that will make a real difference.

Our partners at the World Travel & Tourism Council are asking a simple yet powerful question that the TTC family has taken to heart: is it too much to ask? Is it too much to ask that for all this planet gives us, we do our part to give back? The World Travel & Tourism Council has identified the key issues that are threatening the travel sector and the planet and came up with 10 pledges that will result in great impact on both the sector and the world and help us each do our part.


The Travel Corporation (TTC)
Brett Tollman

President & Chief Executive, TTC

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