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With Insight Choice, you can follow your interests and choose the experience that speaks to you. Choose between two carefully selected activities to further enhance your holiday. If you’d prefer a local foodie tour to an art museum, or a gentle hike versus a local wildlife talk, then we’ve got you covered.

Top Insight Choice Experiences

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Brecon's Beacons Hike or Lecture with Naturalist
Brecon's Beacons, Wales

Choose between an exploration of the beautiful flora and fauna of the Brecon Beacons on a leisurely hike with a ranger or alternatively, join a lecture with a naturalist.

Jaunting Car Ride or Gentle Hike
Killarney, Ireland

Choose between a memorable ride on a horse-drawn jaunting car with the local jarveys or alternatively, join a gentle hike with a Local Expert along the lake shore and past the grounds of Ross Castle, admiring the incredible scenery of the National Park.

travel director speaking with guests
travel director speaking with guests

Visit a Cathedral or Take a Tour of the City
Seville, Spain

Choose between a visit to the cathedral and a walk through the old Jewish quarter with a Local Expert or alternatively, join a panoramic tour of the city and stop in the Santa Cruz area for a refreshing beverage.

See Michelangelo's David or Enjoy a Shopping Tour
Florence, Italy

Choose between a visit to the Accademia Museum with an art historian to see Michelangelo's David or alternatively, wander through the market stalls on a guided shopping tour.

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Scenic Walk or Learn About Local Flora and Fauna
Stanserhorn, Switzerland

Choose between a walk along beautiful scenic pathways for a chance to see native wildlife or, alternatively, join a Swiss ranger to learn about local fauna and flora.

Visit the Blue Lagoon or Explore Reykjavik
Reykjavik, Iceland

Choose between a visit to Iceland's world-famous Blue Lagoon or, alternatively, discover Reykjavik's top sights on a walking tour with your Local Expert.

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