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At Insight Vacations, we are committed to supporting the cultures, traditions and arts of the communities that we visit. We help communities unlock the benefits of tourism through economic empowerment, by supporting micro-enterprises and community-based initiatives that build positive futures for local people and their families.

Sarain Fox

Meet Sarain Fox, People Ambassador

Activist | Dancer | Storyteller

Sarain amplifies the voices of her Indigenous community through preservation of culture and stories. “When we make authentic connections with local people our travel becomes infinitely richer. My First Nation Anishinaabe heritage serves as the lens through which I view the world, seeking to build a bridge to the people whose lands I am grateful to visit and whose stories I am privileged to tell. Throughout the Americas, you will find rich cultures to discover and support – and fascinating people to meet.”

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Make Travel Matter Experiences

A selection of Insight trips feature experiences where you can contribute to and participate in the cultures, traditions and arts of the communities we visit. Look for these experiences in the highlights section of our trip pages.

Artisan Heritage in Amman, Jordan

The Iraq-Al Amir Women’s Cooperative raises the standard of living for women in the area by providing employment and preserving local culture. The women are taught to make cultural handicrafts, including ceramics and textiles, which are then sold in their gift shop and online. As an Insight guest, you can see the work in progress and hear about how it has improved their community.

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Traditional Weaving in Perugia, Italy

Visit Laboratorio Giuditta Brozetti, one of the last traditional weaving workshops in Italy, situated in the Church of San Francesco delle Donne, in medieval Perugia. Since World War I, the Brozetti family have practiced the art of hand-weaving textiles on antique wooden looms. As an Insight guest, meet Marta Brozetti to discover how she’s leading a new generation of weavers and investing in e-commerce to preserve this tradition.

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Discover the History and Culture of the Sami, Norway

Visit a museum devoted to Sami history, preserving the culture of one of the world's oldest tribes, and admire over 5,000 objects in the cultural heritage collection.

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Flamenco Dancing in Seville, Spain

Founded in 1993, the non-profit Cristina Heeren Foundation aims to promote and preserve the art of flamenco dancing, both in Spain and internationally. As an Insight guest, you will meet students who have received a TreadRight Foundation grant to continue their studies in this art form. Enjoy a dance lesson, learning some easy steps and understanding the passion within the movements. After sangria and olives on the terrace, watch the students take to the stage for a stunning flamenco performance from the front row.

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Visit the Mi'kmaq Community of the Abegweit First Nation

Travel to Prince Edward Island to meet the Mi’kmaq community of the Abegweit First Nation. Through partnership with Chief Junior Gold, Insight Vacations’ guests will participate in a traditional Smudging Ceremony, and learn of the Mi’Kmaq’s Seven Teachings.

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Discover the Art of Capoeira

Visit a truly inspiring social program set in the favelas outside of Rio de Janeiro. There, Fight for Peace offers after school classes to children in Capoeira, an Afro-Brazilian martial art that brings together dance, acrobatics and music.

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