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Through our partnership with the TreadRight Foundation, we support leading wildlife organizations to help protect and rehabilitate some of the elephant, rhino and big cat populations around the world, while also educating our guests on ethical wildlife experiences.

Meet Ami Vitale, Wildlife Ambassador

Photographer | Filmmaker | Writer

An award-winning National Geographic photographer, Ami has captured images in over 100 countries. "Nature is sending us all a strong message now. We need to start recognizing that we are not separate from nature. When we see ourselves as part of the landscape and part of nature, then saving nature is really about saving ourselves. Traveling across the Americas, you will witness powerful stories that remind us of just how small and deeply interconnected our world is. I hope we all take advantage of this time to reimagine our relationship to nature and each other."

Wildlife SOS India

Wildlife SOS India helps elephants living in urban environments that are wounded, malnourished and dehydrated, as a result of being used illegally or commercially under deprived conditions. They provide medical services to elephants in need, and train their handlers on humane treatment and management.

With the grant provided by TreadRight, supported by Insight Vacations, Wildlife SOS has built a permanent Enforcement Training classroom at the Elephant Conservation and Care Centre in Mathura, Uttar, as well as outfitted it with AV equipment to train staff on anti-poaching efforts, wildlife laws, dealing with human/elephant conflict situations, proper elephant management and more, and do so on a consistent basis.

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Ethical Wildlife Experiences

A selection of our trips feature ethical wildlife experiences that allow you to discover local wildlife that abide by our sustainability and animal welfare standards. Learn more about our animal wildlife policy.

Go on a Bird Watching Tour at Donana National Park, Spain

Embark on a fascinating bird watching tour with a naturalist guide, for a chance to see rare species and unique landscapes.

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Discover Wildlife on Safari, Sri Lanka

Explore the jungle of Sri Lanka's Wilpattu National Park by jeep on a safari in search of Sri Lanka's big four - leopard, elephant, sloth bear and deer.

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Visit Denali National Park, Alaska

Visit Denali National Park where you may spot moose, caribou, foxes and grizzly bears, as well as Denali itself – the tallest mountain in North America and, when measured from base to peak, the highest mountain in the world.

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