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Europe & Beyond Preview

Welcome to the Art of Traveling in Style

It is my pleasure to share a preview of our 2021 collection of journeys, which thanks to your feedback, is out earlier than ever before.

At Insight Vacations, we believe in showing you all the sights and the insights, up close and personal, in comfort and in style. Our magical Insight Experiences connect you with the people and places you encounter along your journey.

Our 2021 trips are available at 2020 prices, an amazing offer which is only available for a limited time. We encourage you to book early to secure your space on your preferred trip and departure date.

We are proud to be part of the world’s leading travel company, TTC, a family owned and family run company with 100 years of expertise. Get inspired and plan your 2021 travels now.

Ulla Hefel Bohler

Ulla Hefel Böhler

2019 Europe





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European Discoveries

“The places we visited, the knowledge that our Travel Director had and the extra tour guides we had in various cities were amazing. Some of the hidden gems we would never have thought of visiting on our own.”

Lucia B., who traveled on Romantic European in September 2019


TRIP STYLES:Discovery JourneyDiscovery JourneyRegional JourneyRegional JourneyCountry Roads JourneyCountry RoadsEasy Pace JourneyEasy Pace

Road to Rome

13 days from US$3,915

One of our best-selling itineraries, this is an iconic journey of Europe's bucket-list favourites: Paris, Swiss mountains and lakes, Venice and Rome. You'll return home with little doubt of Europe's almighty magnificence. As any good traveller knows, meeting the locals along the way is what makes for great stories, which is why we've packed the itinerary with plenty of interpersonal experiences.

Highlights of Europe

15 days from US$4,388

This journey is perfect for those who want to experience the best of Europe. Explore quaint Germanic towns, appreciate the splendour of the quiet Italian Lakes and marvel at the most impressive cities on the Continent.

Romantic European

19 days from US$5,288

One of our Travel Director's favourite itineraries, this journey is full of charm and splendour. With two nights spent in most cities, take the time to get to know each destination and uncover its secrets, whether it is mouth-watering Sachertorte over coffee in Vienna or delicious homemade pasta in Orvieto. Along the way you'll be welcomed by passionate locals who love showing you the best Europe has to offer.

Flavors of Europe

9 days from US$2,678

Experience the essence of Europe as you travel through bustling Rome and Paris, stopping off in Renaissance Florence, the colourful ocean-side villages of the Cinque Terre and the glittering snow-capped peaks of Switzerland. Explore local life as you enjoy small-group dining in Lucerne and cross paths with locals who are passionate about sharing Europe’s rich heritage, culture and traditions with you.


Britain & Ireland

“Everything was fantastic! We loved the little 'extras'!”

William R., who traveled on Britain & Ireland Explorer in October 2019


TRIP STYLES:Discovery JourneyDiscovery JourneyRegional JourneyRegional JourneyCountry Roads JourneyCountry RoadsEasy Pace JourneyEasy Pace

Country Roads of Ireland

12 days from US$2,876

Experience the wild, enchanting coastal routes as you explore the Emerald Isle. Along the way you'll encounter ruined castles, quiet lakes, natural wonders and legendary characters.

Best of Ireland & Scotland

14 days from US$3,686

Despite the many regional variations between Ireland and Scotland, they share a natural affinity, tracing back to their Gaelic roots, together with stunning landscapes, and warm-hearted communities.

Country Roads of Scotland

9 days from US$2,498

From the great capital of Edinburgh to the Orkney Islands and Skye, you'll travel through 8,000 years of history and become immersed in Scotland’s rich cultural heritage.

Gems of Britain

5 days from US$1,215

Succinct and full of bucket-list highlights, this spirited journey captures the essence of Britain in only a few days. It includes a fantastic cross-section of Britain’s historic towns, traditional heritage, cultural figures and idyllic scenic landscapes.


France, Belgium & the Netherlands

“Fabulous small village visits, great optional restaurants and extremely well executed.”

Jillian C., who traveled on Country Roads of France in October 2019


TRIP STYLES:Discovery JourneyDiscovery JourneyRegional JourneyRegional JourneyCountry Roads JourneyCountry RoadsEasy Pace JourneyEasy Pace

Step back in time and immerse yourself in idyllic 17th century Dutch landscapes of gently turning windmills and charming bridges, arching over peaceful canals. Enjoy a slower pace of life with all the comforts of modern touches.

Investigate Normandy's role in the 1066 and 1944 invasions that changed the course of history. Explore the beautiful city of St-Malo, the châteaux of the Loire and gleaming Paris.

Country Roads of France

16 days from US$4,496

Leafy vineyards, majestic mountains, Riviera sunshine, Roman remains and fortified towns, combined with great food and wine, make for an engaging ‘Tour de France.'

French Heritage

22 days from US$6,705

A grand adventure lies ahead with famous wines and excellent food, snow-capped mountains, sun-drenched beaches, magnificent châteaux, and learning about Roman remains and fascinating battlefield history.

World War I Battlefields

4 days from US$1,256

An emotive and poignant journey through the countryside of Northern France, dotted with war cemeteries and memorials for those who fell in 'the war to end all wars'.


Spain, Portugal & Morocco

“Grand Spain & Portugal is a great mix of big and small towns at just the right pace. All the senses are used allowing you to understand why each region is so unique and interesting.”

Robert P., who traveled on Grand Spain & Portugal in September 2019


TRIP STYLES:Discovery JourneyDiscovery JourneyRegional JourneyRegional JourneyCountry Roads JourneyCountry RoadsEasy Pace JourneyEasy Pace

Highlights of Spain

9 days from US$2,246

True to its name, this escorted journey showcases the best that Spain has to offer: the Alhambra, the modernist architecture of Barcelona, Madrid's Prado Museum, the Andalucian capital of Seville and Cordoba's Mezquita, to name but a few.

Amazing Spain & Portugal

9 days from US$2,066

Delve beneath the surface of these two amazing countries. Sample their signature dishes, share in their culture and marvel the legacy of their rich sea-faring history.

Best of Spain & Portugal

15 days from US$3,533

Follow the fortunes of the Spanish, Portuguese and Moorish Kingdoms as evidenced in their grand castles, stupendous religious buildings and incredible works of art.

Easy Pace Spain

10 days from US$2,633

Relax and immerse yourself in three of Spain's most contrasting and cultural cities. Vibrant Barcelona, idyllic San Sebastián and historic Madrid.


Italy, Sicily & Malta

“With Easy Pace Italy everything ran smoothly and it was just the right amount of time to tour each city.”

Thomas B., who traveled on Easy Pace Italy in October 2019


TRIP STYLES:Discovery JourneyDiscovery JourneyRegional JourneyRegional JourneyCountry Roads JourneyCountry RoadsEasy Pace JourneyEasy Pace

Best of Italy

11 days from US$3,308

"The trick to really connecting with Italians is to accept their love of the 3 'F's - Food, Friends and Family." - Andrew Ainscough, Travel Director

Treasures of Italy

11 days from US$3,825

"Mangia bene, ridi spesso, ama molto," means "eat well, laugh often and love much." I don't think there is any other expression that more completely describes the Italian way of life." -Annelies Zwijns, Travel Director

Easy Pace Italy

10 days from US$3,105

Discover three of Italy's most cultural cities. Savour Rome's rich heritage, soak up the Renaissance atmosphere of Florence, and look beyond the canals and gondolas to gain a deeper understanding of Venice.

Italian Intermezzo

8 days from US$2,516

"I really love showing guests the huge variety that Italy has to offer, from quaint countryside villages to cities full of stupendous art and architecture." -Jackie Whiteford, Travel Director


Alps, Central & Eastern Europe

“It gave us a real look at the three countries we visited. Cities, country sides. Hotels, smaller inns, smaller villages all added up to be the kind of trip we had looked forward to. Well exceeded our expectations.”

James H., who traveled on Country Roads of Bavaria, Switzerland & Austria in October 2019


TRIP STYLES:Discovery JourneyDiscovery JourneyRegional JourneyRegional JourneyCountry Roads JourneyCountry RoadsEasy Pace JourneyEasy Pace

Country Roads of Switzerland

14 days from US$4,586

An intimate journey of discovery amid stunning Alpine panoramas. This itinerary includes riding on the famous Glacier Express and staying in some of Switzerland's most enchanting hotels.

Country Roads of Croatia

14 days from US$3,326

Discover the pristine landscapes, idyllic islands and sun-dappled seas of Croatia, where fortified towns of cobblestone and terracotta echo a time when Venice ruled the waves.

Highlights of Eastern Europe

14 days from US$3,353

Delve behind the former ‘Iron Curtain’ to explore these stunning cities of the east. Flourishes from the Austro-Hungarian Empire and a mélange of medieval charm are juxtaposed against more sombre reminders of WWII.

Glorious Switzerland

8 days from US$2,813

Discover a land of contrasting scenery, people and languages, offering a unique blend of interests and wonders.


Northern Europe & Russia

“I looked at Scandinavian tours from several different tour companies, and chose Insight because it provided the best opportunity to see the most of Scandinavia. I liked the fact that we saw rural areas and small towns as well as cities, and the different experiences, such as the train rides.”

Christine A., who traveled on Spectacular Scandinavia & its Fjords in August 2019


TRIP STYLES:Discovery JourneyDiscovery JourneyRegional JourneyRegional JourneyCountry Roads JourneyCountry RoadsEasy Pace JourneyEasy Pace

Grand Scandinavia

20 days from US$5,648

Sail the Baltic Sea, crossing rolling tundra and glassy fjords in your search for the midnight sun, all the while enjoying the local culture, history and striking scenery.

Revel in outstanding Scandinavian scenery as you cruise the glassy fjords and ride the Flåm Railway. In the cities, soak up the seafaring history and lively cultural scene.

Easy Pace Russia

8 days from US$2,363

Experience the grandeur of Russia, exploring the baroque architecture of St Petersburg and the palaces of Moscow. Marvel at the famous art collection of the Hermitage Museum and travel by hydrofoil and high-speed train in perfect style.

Scandinavian Heritage

28 days from US$8,186

From the Midnight Sun to the Little Mermaid and from crossing the Arctic Circle to crossing the northern seas, Scandinavia is truly an astonishing part of the world.


Ancient Civilizations

“We saw things that everyone that goes to Greece knows they need to see. But we also saw things that only someone that truly loved the area would think to show us.”

James D., who traveled on Treasures of Greece & the Islands in September 2019


TRIP STYLES:Discovery JourneyDiscovery JourneyRegional JourneyRegional JourneyCountry Roads JourneyCountry RoadsEasy Pace JourneyEasy Pace

Glories of Greece

7 days from US$2,050

Join an expert in antiquities, as you explore the wonders of Kalambaka and Olympia, visiting monasteries, monuments and ancient sites along the way.

This journey should top every traveller’s wish list. Explore the sun-kissed temples and time-worn towns of the mainland and visit two of the most romantic islands on earth, where relaxing on the beach or in local cafes is the order of the day.

Wonders of Egypt

9 days from US$3,025

Incredibly, after gazing upon the illustrious pyramids, this trip only gets better. Further up the Nile, your cruise ship is poised to take you to royal tombs and breathtaking temples.

Greek Island Hopper

10 days from US$3,950

A sun worshipper’s paradise, you’ve made it to Greece. Delve into the unique history of this ancient country as you make your way around its beautiful islands via land and sea. Capture the beauty of Santorini’s Cycladic houses, the warmth of Mykonos’ locals and the legendary charm of Athens’ ancient relics.

2019 Europe



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