In the fairytale land of Cappadocia, you can sleep in a (boutique) cave hotel. Yes, really

by | 10 Aug 2022

Stunning inside and out, if you are looking for a truly unique hotel experience then the Alfina Cave Hotel, Cappadocia is the perfect retreat. Combining ancient dwellings with five-star amenities and service, this intriguing hotel offers the perfect blend of history and sophistication.

The Alfina Cave Hotel can be found in Turkey’s fairytale Cappadocia region, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, and one of the great sights and experiences on our Wonders of Turkey premium guided tour.

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Located in the heart of Turkey in the middle of the Anatolian plateau, the fascinating region of Cappadocia offers up the most unusual and mesmerizing landscape. Described by many as reminiscent of the moon, its dramatic rock formations, striking colors, vast valleys, underground cities and caves are a striking sight.

Ancient volcanic eruptions covered the entire Anatolia region with lava and ash, and the gradual erosion of the elements has sculpted this unique landscape. The underground cities were built by early Christians during the Byzantine era, with the network of caves serving as protection during the Arab-Byzantine wars between 780 – 1180.

A popular way to view the landscapes, bright balloons decorate Cappadocia’s skies. With the ability to descend close to the ground due to the lack of wildlife, and with perfect wind conditions to fly all year round, many tourists take to the skies.

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Still maintaining all the original existing rock carved designs and natural elements, the Alfina Cave Hotel Cappadocia offers a truly unique and boutique cave hotel experience. Combining ancient cave dwellings and five-star service that just can’t go far enough for its guests, the hotel offers 41 luxurious cave rooms with all the amenities you would expect of a modern high-end hotel.

Originally an ancient settlement area with storerooms, pigeon houses and even a barn, after an initial restoration the venue started serving as a hotel in 1986, the first cave hotel of its kind. By 2010 the hotel had expanded to its current size, through the addition and restoration of the adjacent historical properties.

With its elegant decor and unique design, the Alfina Cave Hotel Cappadocia offers the perfect combination of history and classic elegance. Throughout the hotel you can admire the stone and rock carving masterpieces, enjoy iron works by local ironsmiths and hand carved furniture from Turkish artisans. Guest can also discover registered archeological artifacts in the hotel’s private exhibition.

One of the most unique Cappadocia hotels, relax on multi-level terraces, taste award winning local wines and carefully chosen historical cuisines while enjoying world-famous Turkish hospitality.

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The luxurious and spacious suites and rooms on offer are elegantly carved from the rock – a true opportunity to sleep like a troglodyte, albeit more stylish. Featuring sophisticated decor and stunning bathrooms complete with rain showers, all rooms have high-speed wireless Internet access and all other modern hotel amenities. For the colder months rooms are centrally heated with some suites featuring fireplaces, however in summer air conditioning is not necessary as the rock naturally stays cool.


This remarkable Cappadocia caves hotel is located in the heart of the region, with easy access to all historical sites.

Famous rock formations known a “fairy chimneys” are to be found here. In fact, Cappadocia is possibly the most famous place in the world to admire these high rocky towers. The sedimentary structures have been gradually eroded over time, resulting in unique shapes with roof-like structures, sometimes up to 45 meters tall. Legend has it that this what where fairies built their underground homes below the rocks.

Cappadocia is also home to intriguing underground cities, a labyrinth of tunnels and caves. Travel with Insight on our Wonders of Turkey premium guided tour and, as well as exploring the underground city of Özkonak, you will also have the privilege to join a Cappadocian local who has lived in the city for decades and take a tour of their cave house – a unique opportunity to learn more about their unique way of living, local traditions and family life.

No visit to Cappadocia is complete without a visit to the Göreme Open Air Museum. This magnificent area and National Park features multiple ancient Byzantine churches, dating from the 8 – 11th century, carved out of the mountain and featuring magnificent fresco paintings.

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To experience the magic of the Alfina Cave Hotel, Cappadocia for yourself, take a look at our Wonders of Turkey premium guided tour

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