We Asked 4 Travel Directors Where to Travel in September

by | 24 Apr 2024

An idyllic time of year for travel, September sees pleasant temperatures, changing seasons and quieter spaces as the summer rush subsides. But where should you go? We thought we’d ask the experts, our Travel Directors for their best September travel destinations.
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Italy – Anna Target


“If you are thinking about spending September in Europe, then Italy is the perfect destination. The cooler weather is ideal for exploring the cities and beautiful countryside. September is the perfect time for visiting the north, especially Venice. The humidity drops and temperatures are cooling, but it’s not yet getting chilly. So, you can explore the many palaces, museums, streets and canals in comfort, at any time of day. I also highly recommend visiting Sicily, one of the best September European travel destinations. Again, the pleasant weather makes this an idyllic time to explore the many delights of this beautiful island.

The Italians always eat according to the season, so the foods you get in September are unique. The grapes are all being harvested, and you must try Schiacciata con l’uva, a delicious squashed back grape cake in Tuscany, which is a real delicacy of the region in the fall. Porcini mushrooms are in abundance, a real flavor of Italy, and just exquisite in a risotto. September is also a good time of year for truffle hunting, this is a fun (and tasty) activity.”

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Egypt – Hazem Khalaf


“If you are asking where to travel in September and you love history and architecture, then Egypt is your dream destination. With 5000 years of civilization to be explored, many travelers since childhood have imagined seeing the mighty Pyramids of Giza, walking the Avenue of the Sphinxes and seeing the great temples of Luxor and Aswan.

From September to May is the best time to visit Egypt (our summer is really hot, up to 110°F!). Warm and dry in September, it is perfect to see the magnificent outdoor sights. This is also an ideal time to cruise the Nile. One of my favorite Insight tours is The Spledours of Egypt a 12-day journey with seven nights on the Nile. A real highlight is enjoying a high tea at the Old Cataract Hotel. You can enjoy all the incredible sights, including the Pyramids, the Valley of the Kings, and the spectacular colors at the temple of Karnak.

One of the most intriguing things about Egypt is that we believe at least 50% of the monuments and artefacts have yet to be found. So, there is always something fascinating to discover. And the people are great. Egyptians are very friendly and hospitable, no matter what time of year you visit!”

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New England, USA – Manuel Marquez


“One of the things that I love about this part of the USA, particularly in September, is the change of seasons. If you are looking for the best September travel destinations to see spectacular colors, then New England is the place to be. Nothing prepares you for the fall foliage drama that you will encounter. Ancient forests, coupled with a few introduced trees, result in a spectacular array of colors. Enjoy yellows, oranges, brilliant reds and crimsons, often contrasting with the brilliant greens of conifers. The palette on display is very warm and cozy, like being inside with the fire burning.

New England comprises of six states in the northeast region of the USA, with many varied landscapes and opportunities to experience the fall colors. Beautiful in September, Boston is one of my favorite American cities, because of the concentration of historical sights and events that led to the creation of this nation and the American revolution.

Vermont and New Hampshire offer an array of picturesque quaint villages, surrounded by spectacular fall foliage. And a must visit is the Trapp Family Lodge just outside Stowe. Here those of us who like to revel in 1960s West End and Broadway musical history can get our fill from the Sound of Music Story of the Von Trapp family. This in a wonderful setting, sitting high on a hill overlooking the valley and Stowe. In the morning, when the fog is low in the valley, you can see beyond to the hills on the other side and the brilliant colors of the trees… it is a breathtaking and calming experience.”

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Spain – Betty Griffith


“September is one of the best months for Europe travel and Spain should be at the top of your list. For starters, the weather is wonderful and there is a beautiful light, just perfect for photography. We don’t have the summer crowds, they have all dispersed, so you have more freedom when you are strolling, making it one of the best times to visit.

Spain is such an amazing country, with some magnificent cities. Valencia is probably one of my favorite cities, its City of Arts and Science is a spectacular sight and highlight. Madrid has the Plaza de Cibeles and the Buen Retiro Park, an oasis within the city. Seville is famous for the beautiful Spanish horses.

It is also a great country for music, dance and culture; indeed, it is the land of flamenco. On our tours we have a MAKE TRAVEL MATTER® Experience that guests just love. Insight Vacations, through its TreadRight Foundation, sponsors five flamenco dancers to help keep this heritage dance alive. We visit a studio and the dancers teach you various steps and hand movements of flamenco. Then we see a private show. It really is unforgettable.”

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