Where to Enjoy the Warmest Ocean Temperatures in Europe this September

by | 24 Apr 2024

Calling all water-lovers! However you like to enjoy the ocean, be it for swimming, cruising, snorkeling or jet-skiing, September is one of the best times to enjoy Europe’s waters. With less crowds and warm sea temperatures, there are many stunning destinations where you can combine your love for the waves with a memorable vacation. Here’s our helpful guide to where to enjoy the warmest ocean temperatures in Europe this September.

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Greece is home to some of the best swimming waters in all of Europe, and September is a great month to visit, with the weather and sea temperatures as perfect as can be (26.8°C/80.2°F). Blessed with the stunning beaches of the Aegean and Ionian seas there are endless ways to enjoy the ocean. The Athens Riviera is great for swimming and, at only 30 – 40 mins away from the iconic city of Athens. If you are looking for things to do in Europe in September this is the perfect opportunity to combine your love for water with unrivalled history and culture.

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The Greek Island of Rhodes is well worth its own mention as a perfect destination for ocean lovers in September. Of particular note is Prasonisi, a beach where the windy and rough Aegean Sea and the calm Mediterranean Sea meet. Meaning you can swim in one and jump into the other in seconds, quite an amazing experience! A paradise for surfers, in summer when the water level is low a sandy spit looms out and Prasonisi becomes a peninsula attached to Rhodes. In winter when the water level gets higher the beach disappears under the sea and Prasonisi becomes an island again.

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With over 300 days of sunshine, sea temperatures of around 27.7°C/81.8°F and the beach only minutes away wherever you are, a trip to Cyprus is perfect for ocean lovers in September. The original island of love, Cypriot legend claims Aphrodite, the Greek goddess of lover, was born and rose from the foam near a rock of what is now Aphrodite’s Beach.

As well as a great destination for ocean lovers and boasting some of the warmest ocean temperatures in Europe in September, Cyprus is a small island with a vast amount of history so there is plenty to discover and explore. And, if you like to explore underwater, Cyprus is a renowned diving destination and home to one of the world’s best wreck diving sites, Zenobia.

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The land of flamenco and fiestas and fabulous food, the party in Spain continues throughout the year, and in September water temperatures are a pleasant 25.3°C/77.5°F. Spain’s beaches are famous worldwide, with some of the best being Barcelona making for the perfect opportunity to explore this flamboyant city and enjoy the waters. You can also find great beaches in Andalucía and the Costa Del Sol. If you are thinking of where to travel in September, then Spain has so much to offer every traveler.

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Italy is blessed in many ways, with its endless cultural riches, and this is true also of its beaches and coastline, making is the perfect European September destination. With much to offer water lovers, including some of the warmest ocean temperatures in Europe, September is the perfect time to enjoy swimming and all water activities (25.8°C/78.4°F).

Once you have had your fill of renaissance art, vineyards and great gastronomy, head to the coast and revel in the ocean. In particular the waters of the islands of Sardinia, Sicily and Palermo are beautiful at this time of year and are home to glorious coastal nature.

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A gem of the Mediterranean, the islands of Malta have much to offer. The combination of sheer cliffs, caves, wrecks, shelves and sandy and rocky sea beds means there is a large variety of marine life to discover and enjoy. Wrecks provide a home to a variety of species and make for excellent dive sites. Think octopi, squid, flying fish and the occasional moray eel. Malta’s many beaches and transparent blue sea are a haven for swimmers, including Paradise Bay, Golden Bay and Mellieha Bay, Malta’s longest beach. Expect sea temperatures of around 25.7°C/78.2°F.

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Boasting one of the most stunning coastlines in Europe, Croatia and the Dalmatian Coast is a water lovers paradise, long into September. With sea temperatures around 24.4°C/75.9°F, enjoy the many beaches of the mainland or the islands, or hop aboard a cruise for endless swims out at sea in crystal waters. Snorkel among the reefs, explore caves and bask in beautiful seas before returning aboard for fine dining and wine as you watch the sun set over the ocean.

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Maybe less known as a holiday destination in Europe than other countries, Albania’s rugged coastline, with traditional villages nestled in isolated bays and golden beaches lapped by turquoise waters is simply divine and makes for a great European September destination.

Darielos Beach is one of the most exotic and tranquil beaches of the Albanian coastal zone, Gjipe Beach has some of the clearest waters and Ksamil Beach is perfect for swimming because the water is almost always gentle and calm. With some of the warmest ocean temperatures in Europe, September averages 25.3°C/77.5°F.

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Bordering the Adriatic Sea, Bosnia & Herzegovina is another lesser-known European destination. Often thought of as completely landlocked, it does have a beach, albeit a short one at 20kms long. In fact, it is the shortest coastline in the world after Monaco. But it is much less crowded than its popular neighbor Croatia, making for a great place for ocean lovers in September with sea temperatures around 24.2°C/75.6°F.

This hidden gem is the perfect base from which to enjoy incredible nature, with dramatic rocky mountains cut down the middle with turquoise blue rivers and gushing waterfalls. Coffee is the backbone of Bosnia & Herzegovina’s social life, so grab a latte and secure your spot by the ocean.

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