This is Why Canada is the World’s Friendliest Country

by | 25 Apr 2024

Canada is known for many things – for its size, as the second-largest country in the world. For its Francophone heritage; its ravishingly beautiful landscapes; its multicultural cities; its First Nations communities and its reverence for nature and the outdoors. It’s also widely considered to be one of the friendliest, most welcoming countries in the world – to the point that it has inadvertently become part of the cultural identity. But what’s the real reason behind this popular perception, and is it justified? In this article, we take a closer look at the stats behind Canada’s hospitality, and discover how it earned the moniker of ‘the World’s Friendliest Country’.

Multicultural Canada

Canada is an extremely multicultural society, with a reputation of welcoming immigrants and refugees from all over the world. In fact, Canada is a global leader in resettling refugees, and almost a quarter of Canada’s population are foreign-born – one of the highest ratios for an industrialized Western nation. In a study by Pew Research Center, Canadians generally view immigrants as “a strength, not a burden“. Multiculturalism is one of the foundations of Canadian society, helping the country counter their aging population problem and fuel economic growth.

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Inclusive to all

Whether or not it’s the world’s friendliest country, Canada is certainly one of the most gay-friendly countries in the world. LGBTQI+ travelers will be reassured to hear that the country comes joint-top in the 2024 Spartacus Gay Travel Index, and has held this position consecutively for years. Canada was the 4th country in the world to legalize same-sex marriage all the way back in 2005, a whole 10 years before the United States. The Gay Village in Montreal is one of Canada’s most famous districts, known for its vibrant nightlife and gay-friendly businesses.

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Progressive values

Canadian society itself is a great reflection of the people’s ethos of being good to others. Their universal healthcare system puts medical care forward as a right, not a privilege. In education, policy reforms promote inclusion and equity, where the state make high quality education facilities accessible to everyone, regardless of different learning needs. This is Canadian ‘niceness’ exemplified in policy, and promotes a culture of looking out for each other.

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‘Outdoor Hospitality’

Canada’s vistas are famously breathtaking, and that has an effect on the friendliness of the nation.

Canadians love the outdoors; people will often go on hikes or camping trips together to enjoy a beautiful weekend in nature. In general, they consider the environment as something to share and connect with together, helping the social cohesion of the whole country. This time spent in gorgeous nature builds amazing memories and strong friendships. Be honest: can you really be grumpy after a weekend trip to the Canadian Rockies?

This means Canadians are very considerate of their environment and work to preserve and protect their beautiful home as much as possible. 76% of Canadians see climate change as a serious problem, as they know what they have to lose.

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Friendlier? It’s a fact

Anyone who’s been to Canada can attest: the people are extremely warm, friendly and welcoming. You’ll be greeted like an old family member, and won’t find it hard to make new friends. It’s just a part of their culture to be polite and friendly wherever they go, earning them the reputation as the nicest people in the world. This has actually been studied: researchers analyzed a million tweets and found far more ‘sorrys’, ‘thank yous’ and ‘pleases’ from Canadian users than other countries. Politeness is just embedded in their mannerisms – even on social media!

So, we’ve heard about how Canada is welcoming, friendly and polite. But why is Canada like this? What caused the country to develop this culture? Well, there are quite a few theories out there, but one goes like this…


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Social niceties as a means of survival

Canada is vast. It’s almost as big as the whole of Europe put together. Not only that, but it’s far north, meaning it’s a cold and harsh place – especially back hundreds of years ago, when the country was being formed as a European colony. With such harsh conditions, the theory goes that it became a survival instinct to be kind and warm to others – you needed cooperation in order to survive.

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