The Insight Vacations Photography Club: Food, Glorious Food

The Insight Vacations Photography Club: Food, Glorious Food

The Insight Vacations Photography Club: Food, Glorious Food

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Indulge your senses on this edition of the Insight Vacations Photography Club. Travel is not just about the places you go, but the flavors you savor. So we’re taking a journey to some of the best dishes from around the globe through photos taken on the road. Submitted by both Insight guests and staff members alike, take a look through the lens and celebrate the richness of global gastronomy. Bon appétit.


We’re proud to kick off the Insight Vacations Photography Club with Danielle’s elegant snap from a café in Reykjavik.

“This picture is from the sixth and final stop on a Foodies Tour in Reykjavík, Iceland. The ice cream is made with day off rye bread (Rye bread in Iceland is much sweeter made with molasses). They dry the bread out in the oven then make crumbs out of it that is added to the vanilla ice cream. The Cafe Loki is located directly across from the Hallgrimskirkja church with the statue of Lief Erickson out front. The ice cream was served with cream and rhubarb syrup. It is also served with coffee and a twisted donut called a Kleina.”

Discover all the sights, insights, and delicious delights of Iceland

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Jen, social media lead for Insight Vacations, lets us know about her recent glorious meal in Verona.

“This was a mushroom and parmesan pasta complete with a pretty parmesan crisp leaf. Washed down with vino! Taken in Verona in October 2023 for an impromptu Italian weekend escape. I discovered this cute open air restaurant down one of the side streets facing onto the Piazza Bra, the buzzy square where you can find the Verona Arena, a Roman amphitheater still in use today. It actually predates the Rome Colosseum!”

Visit the home of romance in Verona on Country Roads of Northern Italy

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Angela, one of our past guests, entered the Insight Vacations Photography Club in style. We marveled at the flower design of the gelato. When in Italy, the tell-tale sign that you’re at an authentic (gelatiera) is if the shop uses a spade or paddle, instead of a scoop.

“I loved this gelato because the lady made the three flavors into a rose!! Strachiatella (spelling?) mango and vanilla. Unfortunately don’t remember the name of the place!”

Visit the home of this dessert and taste the Easy Pace Italy’s gelato

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Our Editorial Lead, Alex, took this elegant photo in Sardinia, showing a little slice of life in Southern Italy. Though gelato is thought to come from Florence, the first ever gelato machine was created by a Sicilian. Francesco Propocio dei Coltelli, a fisherman, invented the machine in 1686, helping to propel gelato to its current popularity.

“This was taken in Alghero, Sardinia. There’s a high sea wall that fringes one side of the old town, with a promenade along the top and these little cave-like bars, restaurants and gelaterias dotted along one side. I like the colourful hand-drawn signed outside this place, and the way the sign is casting a gelato-shaped shadow on the wall outside.”

Sample gelato the Sicilian way on Country roads of Southern Italy & Sicily

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Lori’s flaming crème brûlée lit a fire in eyes (and our bellies), leaving us wanting more. A delightfully fiery entry to the Insight Vacations Photography Club.

“My photo of the crème brûlée was taken on our last night in Paris celebration dinner at the historic restaurant La Coupole. Beautiful French cuisine and delicious wine. It was the celebration dinner with a fabulous new group of friends we met on our Insight vacation tour. The crème brûlée was cooked to perfection and perfectly summarized our entire Insight experience. La Coupole had the perfect atmosphere of fun and romance for this dessert.”

Dine in elegance at La Coupole as you sample the Flavours of Europe

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Our Social Media Exec Sophie shared this snap of a pastel de nata mid-crunch.

“My first time flying in three years was a week away exploring Lisbon and the coast of Cascais with two friends who I have known since I was 12. It was our first group holiday post pandemic and it was so special as we had all finished university so hadn’t been able to spend many long periods of time together previously as we were based all around the country. My first day in Lisbon I had been told my multiple people I had to try a Pastel de Nata. So when coming across a little cafe when we were exploring just had to try and it’s safe to say it has started a life-long obsession and love with Portuguese cuisine. A perfectly creamy custard centre with flaky pastry was true bliss accompanied by the view of Lisbon near the viewpoint of Santa Maria Maior.”

Visit the birthplace of the pastel de nata on Country roads of Portugal

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Lynn’s snap gave us a thirst for the Greek way of life. Sun, sea, and Santorini on the menu.

“We were in the village of Oia and walked up the path away from the crowds and blue domes, where we found this fabulous cafe up the stairs with amazing views to watch the sun go down. This was a meat and cheese patter with homemade relish. It was all so delicious. All the flavours of Greece on one plate with the views to die for. Felt like we were in the movies, or a dream.”

Indulge in Mediterranean delights on Treasures of Greece & The Islands

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Eileen sampled a traditional pastry in Prague that has made our mouths water.

“Trdelnik is a traditional pastry made from rolled dough that is wrapped around a stick, then grilled and topped with sugar.
I saw so many shops in Prague, selling them often filled with ice-cream, whipped cream, fruits, biscuits and so many people walking around and happily enjoying it, so I decided to get it as well. Didn’t remember the name of the shop, but it was near the Prague Astronomical Clock. In this picture I tried the raspberry with chocolate and Orio biscuit. It was a delightful treat. This was taken in June this year during the Europe Discovery tour in Prague.”

Sample European delights on European Discovery

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