2023 is on sale right now – 5 tips on how to decide where to travel first

by | 19 Oct 2022

With 2023 Insight tours on sale now, the question is where to travel first? With the whole world at our fingertips, it seems we are spoiled for choice. To narrow down your selection of where to go on vacation, here are 5 top tips to help you decide.

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For anyone who has experienced the joy of wanderlust, we know that a simple picture can inspire a lifelong dream to see certain places. These iconic sights are frequently visible in magazines, posters and on the front of guidebooks. So why not swap these beautiful pictures for your own eyes, and take that iconic image and turn it into your next destination?

When thinking about where to travel first, take this opportunity to finally see the mysterious Machu Picchu in Peru, Rome’s magnificent Colosseum or the sublime beaches of Hawaii.

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Whether you are an art lover, a nature lover or an architecture buff, choose a destination based on what sparks your imagination. Maybe you dream of soaring frescos, or the wilderness of the USA’s stunning national parks, so when thinking of where to travel first we suggest you pick the place that sets your imagination alight.

If you dream of viewing magnificent art, then Italy is for you. Travel with Insight and explore the Vatican Museums with a Local Expert, as well as some of Rome’s other incredible museums.

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If stunning natural landscapes are your thing, then you can’t beat California. Just imagine yourself in Yosemite National Park, Sequoia National Park and the exquisite Californian coast.

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And if you want to delve deep into rich culture then Morocco and Turkey are unforgettable destinations.

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We all know that cuisine makes a vacation exceptional, so why not let your taste buds lead you to your next destination? Do you love tapas, tagine or tangy ceviche? Are you dreaming of fresh seafood straight from the ocean and the finest wines? Follow your nose and the desires of your palate and bring your culinary dreams to life.

And for wine buffs, when thinking of where to travel in 2023 why not bring your love of Italian or California wines to life and see those hallowed vineyards for yourself?

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We often focus place a lot of focus on a “summer holiday” but vacationing off-season is also a great way to see the world. And it opens up the option of so many seasonally perfect destinations.

If you love the most stunning autumnal colors, crisp mornings and spectacular sunsets then the fall is the time to travel. Try Country Roads of Ireland and Highlights of Europe.

And if you dream of a winter wonderland full of festive Christmas markets and snow-covered landscapes then look to Northern Europe for an amazing winter snow escape. For an amazing 2023 travel destination, take a look at Northern Lights of Scandinavia, Winter Wonderland, and Alpine Christmas Markets.

For those who yearn for winter sunshine, then you can’t beat a destination with spectacular sights, history and culture when choosing where to travel first. We recommend Splendours of Egypt, Best of Morocco.

And if you love fresh flowers, spectacular landscapes and the feeling of countryside bursting to life then spring is for you. Take a look at Best of Italy, Magical Switzerland and Best Of California.

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There’s no time like the present they say. So when it comes to that once-in-a-lifetime travel experience what are you waiting for? It is time to see the ancient Inca citadel of Machu Picchu, chase the elusive Northern Lights or finally see the Pyramids of Egypt. Or all three! We all now know that travel can’t be taken for granted, so make 2023 the year for that extra special trip.

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