Sleep under the stars and watch the Northern Lights at this iconic hotel

by | 12 Sep 2022

High on many travelers’ bucket list is a journey to the Northern Lights. The elusive aurora borealis is one of the most spectacular natural shows on earth. Swirling rivers of greenish blue lights, dancing unpredictable in the sky, just imagine having the chance to watch this mesmerizing show from the comfort of your own bed. At the Aurora Village hotel in Lapland, you can do just this.

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Produced by an interaction of the solar wind and the earth’s magnetic field, the Northern Lights are a captivating and intriguing sight. The shafts or curtains of colored lights move and dance unpredictably, and sightings are special and not guaranteed. Energized particles from the sun slam into Earth’s upper atmosphere. They are then redirected towards the poles by Earth’s magnetic field, resulting in this atmospheric phenomenon

The lights appear in a spectrum of colors which is created by the Earth’s spectra of gases. The human eye can most easily see the green-yellow part of the spectrum and green is the most common color. They can also appear white grey with different altitudes offering different colors. Sometimes the lights appear to shoot straight out of the mountains, but this is just an optical illusion and the closest they have ever come to earth is 50 miles above the surface.

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Prepare to spend a night like no other at the boutique Aurora Village Hotel, one of the most memorable stays you will have the pleasure to experience. Here you can lie back in your comfortable bed with the night sky right above your head. Famed for its comfy cabins with glass roofs, at the Aurora Village hotel the panoramic glass ceiling is laser heated to ensure your enjoyment isn’t obstructed by ice or snowfall. Whilst seeing the Northern Lights is never guaranteed, you know that the Aurora Village hotel provides one of the best chances to witness them, from the comfort of your private cabin.

This unique Northern Lights hotel is located hundreds of kilometers above the Arctic Circle and surrounded by beautiful wilderness. With its outdoor sauna and hot tub, you will find many ways to relax and unwind. And if you are feeling adventurous, take the plunge with an invigorating ice bath.

A small, family business, the resort is proud to have its Green Key sustainability certification. So you can feel confident that you are traveling responsibly. The team take an active role in looking after the environment, supporting local suppliers and the local Indigenous Sami culture. The rooms are decorated and designed using Sami influences. The hotel also works in collaboration with Sami representatives to help preserve culture and language.

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As well as stunning views, be prepared to try some seriously exceptional cuisine at the Aurora Village. The hotel’s own restaurant serves a variety of traditional dishes, expertly made using local ingredients. Prepare to have your taste buds tantalized with dishes such as whitefish ceviche, lamb entrecôte, forest mushroom soup and fried rainbow trout. Delicious deserts are also on offer, the perfect way to celebrate such an amazing destination. We highly recommend both the chocolate cake and the mudcake.

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The Northern Lights can only be seen from September through to April. They are actually active all year round but are only visible in the dark. For the rest of the year, the aurora zone experiences nearly 24 hours a day of daylight, hence it is not possible to see the lights.

So if you are looking to travel in the off season, a journey to Scandinavia and the Northern Lights is the perfect option. As well as in Scandinavia (Iceland, Greenland, Finland, Norway and Sweden) you can also watch the Northern Lights from Alaska and Northern Canada.

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If you are wanting capture the moment forever and share with friends back home, then you need to prepare. It is worth investing the time to research photography tips and practice before you head off on your travels.

Unless trying to capture the moment from the comfort of your Aurora Hotel bed, you will need a tripod. When outside it will be dark, cold and probably on uneven ground. You should also invest in a remote shutter release to avoid shaking the camera.

It is best to use a camera with manual settings, but it doesn’t need to be expensive. Take time to learn and practice your cameras settings, flash off, how to adjust your ISO and shutter speed before you start your journey. If you choose to use an iPhone you can download a Northern Lights camera app which will mimic the manual settings of a camera. We still suggest you use a tripod for the best results.

There are then many resources online to advise on the best settings for each location. For the most artistic results, consider photographing with a foreground to give the lights context. This also makes for great souvenir photos that reflect your location.

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