How to make your dollar go further with our Black Friday sale

by | 15 Nov 2022

If you like to get the most bang for your buck when you travel, now is the time to book your next trip. With the US dollar strengthening as our Black Friday sale kicks off, it seems the stars have aligned so you can snag a deal. As part of our Black Friday sale, you can save 15% on worldwide tours, while past guests can save up to 20%. There are dozens of tours on sale, but we’ve rounded up six tours where your dollar will go the furthest. From Italy to Egypt to Peru, here are the best deals from our Black Friday sale.

Italy is everyone’s dream destination, so if you’ve been wanting to go, this is your sign to lock it in. You’ll take advantage of the US dollar matching the Euro right now, and you’ll also get a sizeable discount when you book our Grand Italy & Sicily trip during our Black Friday sale. It’s the perfect Italy trip, with 17 days of bliss as you revel in the architectural wonders, Renaissance artwork, ancient sites, gorgeous landscapes, and gastronomic delights. From Rome and Florence to Sorrento and Cinque Terre, this is a trip that will evoke cherished memories for decades to come.

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While Norway, Sweden, Denmark and Finland each have their own currency, your dollar will go quite far in every Scandinavian country right now. Combine that with the savings from our Black Friday sale, and you’ll score a great deal on this dream Grand Scandinavia trip.

This is an awe-inspiring journey, taking you from the cobbled streets of Copenhagen to the colourful markets of Helsinki. Journey from the regal architecture of Oslo to the island archipelago of Stockholm. Along the way, you’ll voyage through some of the world’s greatest landscapes, traversing the great wilderness in Urho Kekkonen National Park and the remote tundra in the North Cape. Cruise the Baltic Sea, cross the Arctic Circle, and visit Santa Claus’ real home at Rovaniemi. Walk in the footsteps of ancient Viking kings in Trondheim and soak up the extraordinary beauty of the Norwegian Fjordland. This is Scandinavia at its dazzling best.

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Want to delve into Peru? There’s no better time than now. Our Peru with Machu Pichu and Nazca Lines trip features in our Black Friday sale, and you’ll also get a great deal on the currency conversion from US dollars to Peruvian sol. Imagine 10 days in this remarkable country, exploring the wonders of Andean culture and Incan heritage. Explore the mysteries of Macchu Pichu and the Nazca Lines and visit the breathtaking salt pans of Maras in the Sacred Valley. Feast on Peruvian cuisine in Lima, savour a refreshing Pisco sour in Paracas and meet a local Quechua weaver to learn their ancient weaving techniques.

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The Balkans are a woefully underrated region, with all the beauty, culture and history of western Europe, at a fraction of the price. The US dollar goes very far in this region. We’ve also included our Treasures of the Balkans tour in our Black Friday sale, so it just makes financial sense to book now. You’ll uncover Europe’s best-kept secrets as you delve into nine countries and 15 cities over 18 spectacular days. Explore Roman ruins in Bulgaria, medieval castles in Romania and stunning waterfalls and historic monuments in Bosnia. Roam through vibrant bazaars in Macedonia and the diverse architecture of Albania. Bask on the beaches of Montenegro and see the ancient monasteries of Serbia. From the Pearl of the Adriatic, Dubrovnik, to the Queen of Danube, Budapest, this is a truly unforgettable tour.

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If you want to get the most value, bigger is better in this case. Since the US dollar is matching the Euro right now and our 26-day European Grandeur tour is on sale, why not book while you can get the best deal? You’ll traverse 12 countries and 27 cities over one magical month of travel. Get immersed in the glamour of France and the artistic opulence of Italy. Savour the gastronomic wonders of Spain and the regal history of Austria. Explore the French Riveria and wander the boulevards of Madrid. Cruise the canals of Venice and watch the hills come alive in Salzburg and Innsbruck. If there’s any way to experience Europe, this is it.

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If you’re looking to explore destinations where your dollar will go far, Egypt is one of our top choices. Getting up close to the wonders of the ancient world is a priceless experience. You’ll be in awe as you witness the triumphs of humanity on our Splendours of Egypt tour. Marvel at the Great Pyramids of Giza and the tombs of the Valley of the Kings. Discover the astonishing engineering feats of the great temples of Kom Ombo and Aswan. Cruise down the mighty Nile and walk in the footsteps of Winston Churchill and Agatha Christie at the Old Cataract Hotel. Break bread with a local family in Geziret Bahirat and hear tales of local life. Wherever you go, Egypt is simply remarkable.

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