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Green valleys of the isle of sky, Scotland

A Whisky Lover’s Guide to Scotland: Discovering the Best Distilleries in Isle of Skye

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Pop quiz for anyone who’s fond of a stiffer tipple: what’s the difference between Scotch and whiskey? Well, Scotch is simply whiskey produced and bottled in Scotland. Only they spell the whiskey part without the…

The spires of Palermo stand out above buildings, with mountain and a hazy blue sky in the background.

5 ways you’ll discover Sicily’s history and culture, up close and personal

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A Mediterranean haven, Sicily’s history is deeply rooted in diverse civilizations, including Greeks, Romans, Arabs, Normans and Spanish. This mosaic of influences is vividly reflected in its art, architecture, cuisine and traditions, making for an…

Sunshine view over Taormina with yellow buildings in front and mountains behind, showing the spectacular architecture

Fascinating Sicilian history to discover in the ancient town of Taormina

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Nestled on the north-eastern coast of Sicily, Italy, the ancient town of Taormina stands as a living testament to Sicilian history. As you traverse the ancient streets, each cobblestone and each corner holds a story…

Pearls of the Adriatic: discover the world of oyster cultivation in Croatia

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In a picturesque peninsula sitting just near Dubrovnik, you’ll find unique pearls of the Adriatic. No, not the type that adorn the necks of the upper class; here, the gems are the oysters themselves. In…

What’s so special about Sicilian cuisine? Everything, says Travel Director Mark

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Vibrant flavors with seasonality at their heart, Sicilian cuisine is a delightful, and evolving, fusion of Mediterranean influences. Renowned for its fresh seafood dishes, hearty pastas, delectable sweets and citrus-infused delicacies, this famous Italian island…

Mellow fruitfulness: where to find the authentic flavors of fall

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As the air begins to turns crisp and the piles of fallen leaves appear on lawns, minds (and tastebuds) turn to the comforting flavors of fall. But depending on where you are in the world,…

Portuguese Foods

10 Must-Have Traditional Portuguese Foods to Try on Your Next Trip

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Portuguese food is all about local ingredients and big, powerful flavors. Whether you plump for the salty punch of bacalhau, the sweet custardy kick of pasteis de nata, or the pungent combination of paprika, garlic…

Going guided is the best way to travel if you have dietary requirements. Here’s why.

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For those with specific dietary requirements, eating out can be a whole ordeal. One must pore through menus carefully, pick out dishes diligently, and communicate their needs effectively. In your home country it can be…

8 delicious Hanukkah dishes that are eaten around the world

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Hanukkah, or the Festival of Lights, is the eight-day Jewish celebration held every year in December. It commemorates the miracle of light that happened when Judah rededicated the Temple in Jerusalem to God. It’s celebrated…