Revealed: where our global travel experts want to visit in 2024

by | 13 Jan 2024

Where are you most excited to travel to this new year? Perhaps you yearn for some French elegance, Egyptian history, or maybe a taste of South American summer? If you need some inspiration, then turn to our global travel experts for their insider recommendations. We’ve asked them where they’d love to travel to this year, as well as their observations on top destinations on their radar for 2024. As insiders working in the travel industry, they have their finger on the pulse better than anyone else. So, get your notes at the ready and make sure to jot down these top destinations to travel to in 2024 – as told by our insightful holiday experts.

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Vania Oliveira

Recently guided the Best of Spain and Portugal tour

“I am always thrilled and excited to travel. It is truly a transformative experience. This year I am planning to visit the Spanish region of Andalucia. I want to have enough time to explore and the discover more about this eclectic region so rich in culture and heritage. I want to do a road trip with friends starting in Seville and then going to Cadiz, Ronda, Cordoba and Granada. I want to really immerse myself in the culture and go bar hopping for tapas and cañas and just take it slow like the locals and enjoy the best of life. If there is any time left I would love to finish the road trip in Valencia, already another autonomous community in Spain, home of the traditional paella, a charming Old Town and the tantalizing City of Arts and Sciences, by the controversial architect Calatrava. In Valencia we can also go to the beach and get the very much needed vitamin D and just chill, drinking either a tinto de verano or agua de Valencia (the city’s most iconic cocktail with splashes of vodka, gin and cava). For me as a Travel Director, it is essential to disconnect. The best way is to truly travel and take the time to get to know the places I work in as a local.

A destination I believe will be very popular this year is Portugal. It isn’t a secret anymore, but besides its big cities Lisbon and Porto it still comes as a surprise to most travelers due to its mild weather, clean streets, great roads, UNESCO World Heritage Sites and the hospitality of its people. And being Portuguese myself it is always a pleasure to host new guests.

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Vivien Samu

Recently guided the Country Roads of Northern Italy tour

For a while now I have been longing to go back to the Big Apple and hopefully this will be the year! Last time I visited New York City it was incredibly cold, grey and I was busy with work, so this year I want to go back and explore the city properly with its beautiful parks, cool gems, delicious burgers and make sure to enjoy some theater shows.

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I am excited to see which destinations will be most popular in 2024! I am sure with the ease of travel people are looking at more and more farther away places. I see my European friends choosing a lot of Asian destinations, like Japan or Malaysia, but also South Africa seems to be up and coming.


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Francis Touschek

Recently guided the Easy Pace Italy tour

I would most like to travel to Turkey in 2024. The thoroughway between the West and the East, from ancient to modern times. A melting pot of civilizations, ethnic diversity, ecumenical, traditions that have undergone metamorphic variations throughout the centuries. It is indeed one of the most exciting countries to visit. Every day is a surprise! A must.

Despite political discomfort, Turkey remains at the roots of modern civilisation. The diversity and the stratification of the country is startling. Evidence of Turkey is present all over Europe, from the Etruscans (supposedly from Asia Minor), the effervescent Byzantine (Eastern Roman empire) period, the Mongolian ruling, the Ottoman dynasty to modern days still the gateways between the East and the West. All beautifully displayed and visible in an incredible diversity of landscape. A mesmerizing country for all palates. History, traditions, monuments, architectural feats, cuisine, music are all there for the picking.

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Italy and Spain still remain the driving force of the tourist industry but are dangerously close to saturation. Infrastructures are sadly lacking and the demand and expectations are greater than what these countries can actually cope with. Overcrowding of major sites and venues is becoming uncomfortable and frequently frustrating. Italy is also building up for the Jubilee Year of 2025, sources from the Vatican indicate over 30’000’000 visitors in Rome! Frightening figures.


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Betty Griffith

Recently guided the Amazing Spain and Portugal tour

The destination I would really love to experience is the Northern Lights of Scandinavia. I have always wanted to explore it, see the reindeer and the Sami Community in particular. I have also visited many places in Latin America but never Peru, which I need to visit next.

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My top Destinations for 2024 are Northern Spain and the Country Roads of Portugal. I take tours in Iberia the key cities are Madrid, Barcelona and Sevilla, Lisbon and Porto but there is so much more to discover.

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Faith Puttman

Recently guided the Magical Switzerland tour

I live in Canada, so I’m really looking forward to going to home and exploring Ontario and maybe the maritimes (I’ve never been). It’s always so fun to explore your own backyard. I did some during Covid and can’t wait to do more. Svarlbard is still the top of my bucket list though! I love hard to get to places, and the remoteness which allows nature to really thrive! I can’t decide which time of year… summer for midnight sun and polar bears, or winter for the northern lights?

Daniel Ferguson

Recently guided the Northern Spain tour

My favourite destination is India. I like to go each year to Kerala for an Ayurveda treatment for 17 days, a complete body cleanse. I also love to spend time in a different city each time I go at the beginning or end of the trip to immerse myself in the culture, cuisine and vibrancy that you can only get in India.
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Michele Volpini

Recently guided the Natural Wonders of Iceland tour

I’ve been lucky enough to have been to the majority of the places our tours go, I just recently did “Northern lights of Scandinavia”, and I really enjoyed the itinerary. But there are always new places to see, and at the top of that list would be Patagonia – for the raw beauty of its nature and the mountains. I’d also love to visit Alaska, for the same reason, Madeira and then the islands of Lofoten in Norway.


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