Travel Directors’ most wanted: The Insight tours they most want to run in 2023

by | 25 Jan 2023

With so many Insight tours to choose from, which would you pick for 2023? No one knows more about Insight tours and travel than our expert Travel Directors. So, we asked some of them which Insight tour they would love to lead this year and why. From vacation inspired choices to fulfilling lifelong travel dreams, see which tours are catching their eye.


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Travel Director Manuel can normally be found leading tours in the USA. But given the choice of all Insight tours to try, he has his eyes set on Spain. “Highlights of Spain is the tour I would most like to lead in 2023,” he tells us. “After nine visits to Spain over 20 years, I have come to appreciate the nation of my ancestors, one with a rich blend of historical cultures (Christian, Jewish and Muslim) and modern regional distinctions (think Catalonia, the Basque Country and Galicua).

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“This Insight Vacation tour visits Spain’s four largest cities, which I know well. My heart belongs to cosmopolitan yet quintessentially Spanish Madrid and my soul to Andalusia with its Gypsy-inspired Flamenco. I relish the memories of amazing seafood in Barcelona and paella in Valencia; incredible Moorish architecture in Granada, Sevilla and Córdoba; and the spirit of The Catholic Monarchs in the heart of Castilla, i.e., Toledo.”

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With special expertize in Spain, Travel Director Betty was captivated by Greece on a recent vacation. “The history and culture of Greece is just phenomenal,” she says. “It seems there is just story after story everywhere you go and a historic sight at every turn. I visited there recently and had an amazing time.

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“I think that Treasures of Greece and the Islands would be a great Insight tour to run, as it has the perfect combination of the cities, the sights of the mainland and the islands. A mix of bustle and calm. The historic sites of Athens will stay with you for a lifetime and the Greek Islands are gorgeous and welcoming. Mix with the locals and try delicious regional foods. What’s not to love about this tour!”

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Faith, one of our Europe-wide trained Travel Directors specializes in the UK and Ireland. But she’s dreaming big about Sri Lanka. “The Insight tour I would love to be running is Classical Sri Lanka. I’ve been there on vacation, and it is one of my favourite countries in the world,” she says.

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“I think Insight Vacations have hit the nail on the head when it comes to Sri Lanka with this tour. It’s a perfect itinerary of what you want to see. From the city to the jungle, there’s plenty of time to explore. There’s the opportunity to tour Columbo with the photographer Mark Forbes, the perfect way to discover hidden treasures.

“A real treat is the visit to the tea country. It really is a spectacular part of the world and so interesting learning about tea and meeting the people are involved in picking and drying it. I think it would be an amazing Insight Vacations tour to lead because it is one of those opportunities to really get ‘wow’ moments from your guests. From the architecture of Anuradhapura right down to the hotels that look gorgeous. Plus, the food in Sri Lanka is just amazing. It would not be a hard day’s work.”

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For Travel Director Bradley, there’s just no beating Spain. It may be his speciality, but there are so many ways to explore on Insight tours. “My best tour in 2023 would be Spanish Heritage. This is a fantastic trip, it’s like a cultural rollercoaster through Spain,” he says.

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“You start with the Mediterranean coast before getting into very historical places like Granada and Seville. It has a nice three-night stop in Madrid before heading north for some of the best scenery in Spain and some of the best food on the planet. It finishes in my backyard of Barcelona, home of the world’s greatest football club. Guests love this trip because even though it’s long, it doesn’t have many long drives. Also, even though it’s one country there is an incredible amount of variety in the places you visit.”

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Travel Director Angela can usually be found leading tours across Spain and Portugal. A Portuguese national, she would love to lead our Classical India with Nepal tour. “India and Nepal carry an enormous mystic and impressive history besides all their natural beauty and gastronomy,” she tells us.

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“As a Portuguese I have an even greater desire to visit due to the link that binds these nations. I know several people from Indian origin living in my country and I have always found this culture to be one of the richest in the world. This tour is packed with opportunities to meet amazing people, from the women who have climbed Mount Everest, to the inspiring ladies of the Sheroes Cafe, who are themselves survivors of acid attacks. I have always yearned to see the Taj Mahal, the holy city of Varanasi and the mountains of the Himalaya, and to take guests on this journey would be really special.”

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