This is the European country Insight guests most want to visit this summer

This is the European country Insight guests most want to visit this summer

This is the European country Insight guests most want to visit this summer

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We asked you what country you most wanted to visit this summer and you said Italy. Here we tell you how you can enjoy it above and beyond with Insight. If you’re thinking of where to travel this summer, read on to see why Italy should be the European country at the top of your list.


Filled with riches, Italy offers something for every traveler, with its spectacular cities, ancient ruins, fascinating museums, great artworks, the renaissance, mountains, lakes, beaches and vineyards. The perfect summer getaway, whether you are traveling with family, friends or solo, this European country is safe and friendly and blessed with glorious weather. Bathed in sunshine, temperatures have an average in the mid 70s though highs can reach into the 80s, with the Alps and mountainous regions being cooler.

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Italy is quite possibly the best European country to visit when it comes to food and wine. Famed for simple dishes, Italian cooks rely on the quality of ingredients, more than complex preparation. Expect meals prepared from scratch, rich in olive oils, and showing a love of tomato, cheese and of course pasta, with herbs and species on every dish. And paired with some of the finest, most aromatic wines in Europe. Italians are passionate about life’s pleasures and food is no exception. Expect to dine later into the evening, and for every night to be an occasion.

Travel with Insight and we will take you on a gastronomic journey. Whether you are truffle hunting in Umbria, sampling the most delicious gelato in San Giminano, making pasta in Alberobello or wine tasting in Chianti, we will take you to the culinary heart of this beautiful country.

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The majestic city of Rome needs little introduction. Known all over the world for its iconic structures, astonishing art works and the famous Vatican City. No matter how many times you may have seen images of the Colosseum, the Trevi Fountain and St Peter’s Basilica, to see them for yourself is something else. And in Rome, there is a historic treat around every corner.

Join us on our Italian Escapade premium guided tour and enjoy fast-track entry to the Vatican Museums. Explore the vast collection of priceless art and treasures collected by the Popes with a Local Expert and see behind the scenes at the Bramante Staircase, a marvel of Renaissance architecture normally off-limits to visitors.

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The sun-drenched Isle of Capri, also known as “The Isle of Dreams” certainly lives up to its name. The place to see and be seen, Capri is a favorite hangout for the rich and famous, as a walk through the glamorous marina will show. Capri town is enchanting with its whitewashed houses, winding alleyways and small cafes. Take your time meandering around the fashionable boutiques, craft shops and artisan’s studios.

Travel on an Insight premium guided tour and you will enjoy a scenic drive by open-top taxi past orange and lemon groves glorious vistas over the rugged coastline and sparkling sea, to the luxurious Gatto Bianco Hotel and Spa.

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Lying on the south side of the Alps, the Italian Lakes were beloved of the romantic poets, and you can see why. Atmospheric mountains descend into the lake shore, with stately grand hotels presiding over pretty lakeside towns. The waters are abuzz with activity for people of all ages.

Travel with Insight and explore the delights of Lake Maggiore, one of the five great lakes of the region, along with Como, Garda, Iseo and Lugano, Cruise by private boat to Isola dei Pescatore (the Fisherman’s island) and meet Stefano, Lake Maggiore’s last true fisherman. Dine on fish caught that day at a true Farm-to-Table dinner for an exhilarating walking tour of Isola Pescatore.

Stefano will take them along the narrow cobbled streets of the picturesque Isola Pescatore (Fisherman’s island) to the small building where he cleans and refrigerates the fish which he catches in the lake. that they will eat fish freshly caught from the lake for dinner this evening. Before sitting down to a complemented by local wine.

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With its beautiful and quintessential architecture built upon canals and a myriad of small lanes to explore and get lost in for hours, Venice represents a burst of culture and history unlike any other. From serenaded gondola rides to the most delicious cuisine, the city is a paradise for lovers of art, music and history.

Travel with us and, on arrival, a private boat glides you past canals lined with ornate palaces to St Mark’s Square. See the basilica, the Doge’s Palace and Bridge of Sighs, en route to the Hotel Splendid.

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Renowned for its cathedrals, vineyards, island beaches and amazing architecture, Sicily conjures up images of a historic Italy, steeped in tradition. Famous as Italy’s boot on the map and the largest of the country’s regions. If you love natural wonders and cultural treasures, and a diverse range of culinary influences then this is the place for you. Superstitions and celebrations are as much as part of the culture as the language.

Travel with Insight and join a historian for a guided walk of Palermo. See the gems of the old city, visit the amazing Palatine Chapel in the Palace of the Normans and the Palermo Cathedral.

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The village of Grottole is suffering from an outflow of the population, with the young generation moving to the cities to seek better opportunities. The village has lost 75% of its population. A local NGO has been working with members of the community to rebuild the village and create local business initiatives to re-dynamise the local economy and benefit the members of the village.

In the small village of Grottole in southern Italy, a most fascinating and intriguing regeneration project is underway. Once a thriving community, the historic town has lost most of its inhabitants and 60% of the current population are over 70. Through the restoration of abandoned houses and buildings, and the creation of a new community, the experimental Wonder Grottole project connects people from all over the world. Visitors are welcomed as the heartbeat of the initiative. Participation can take any form you wish, from learning about the project and supporting the local businesses through your visit, through to longer term volunteering opportunities.

Visit the Wonder Grottole project on a MAKE TRAVEL MATTER® Experience and you will meet Silvio and Michela, locals who are striving to bring back the traditional way of living of the area. As you step into their home and explore the historic old town together, you’ll gain fascinating insights into the work taking place to breathe new life into Grottole.

During your visit you will get the chance to sample delicious local produce over lunch and enjoy a wine tasting, all helping to preserve the local culture through your custom.

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The area near Naples and Mount Vesuvius has long been an agricultural goldmine, its soil infusing crops with a unique volcanic and mineral-rich flavor. And on the slopes of the volcano, you will find the charming Casa Barone. Small but mighty, this family farm is renowned as one of the world’s only producers of Piennolo tomatoes. This tasty, endangered fruit only thrives in the fertile volcanic soil.

Travel with Insight and join a MAKE TRAVEL MATTER® Experience to learn all about this intriguing venture. Each harvest is sustainably farmed and cared for by the extended Barone family, who all work on the farm. Picked at the peak of ripeness in late summer, tomatoes are canned and used throughout the winter in Italy, with fresh tomatoes reserved for summer consumption. Taste the delicious results for yourselves, along with other local produce, on a Farm-to-Table lunch with glorious views of Mount Vesuvius.

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In Italy you’ll get the chance to join a MAKE TRAVEL MATTER® Experience at Trattoria Terra Madre. Alessandro, the owner, shares his philosophy of using home-grown organic and seasonal produce. See Nonna making orechiette pasta during a demonstration, before a delicious four-course, Farm-to-Table Highlight Dinner.

No journey to Italy is complete without learning the secrets of pasta making. At the welcoming Terra Madre restaurant, Nonna will give you a pasta demonstration before you sit down for a delicious four-course, Farm-to-Table dining experience. Her expertise has been honed through generations, so be sure to take notes!

Alessandra and his nonna have built this charming restaurant with a focus on sustainability, and you will feel like you are dining at the home of a friend. Everything is grown organically and harvested on site, with excess produce donated to their community. Travel with Insight and join this MAKE TRAVEL MATTER® Experience, on which Alessandro will explain their sustainable agricultural practices, including methods of production and crop rotation.

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