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Discover our Mediterranean and Southern Europe Tours and Travel Guide

Relax and indulge your senses on our Southern Europe tours

Feel a refreshing sea breeze while basking in the sun, and give in to the tempting aromas of delicious local specialities. Then, quench your thirst with a perfect-paired local wine.

Southern Europe is full of culture and history, from ancient capitals to quaint seaside towns, there's so much this stunning part of the world has to offer. Play a traditional game of Pétanque in a French medieval village. Marvel at the brilliance of Barcelona's Sagrada Familia. Or discover the region by sea with one of our cruise ship tours.


On our Insight Vacations Mediterranean tours, you’ll experience all that the region has to offer. Here are a few of the highlights that our guests remember for years after they’ve returned home.

Glassblowing demonstration​, Venice, Italy​


Treasures of Italy

As part of this MAKE TRAVEL MATTER® Experience, witness a demonstration of the ancient skill of glassblowing, now practised by precious few artisan masters.

Guests enjoying oyster tasting Mali Ston, Croatia


Country Roads of Croatia

Meet a local oyster farmer and learn about the cultivation of oysters, before enjoying a delicious Sea-to-Table tasting of fresh shellfish and local wine.

Vineyards in Alentejo, Portugal


Country Roads of Portugal

During a wine-tasting session, appreciate Alentejo wine's delicate yet complex nuances, and learn how the Relvas family has been managing the reforestation of indigenous trees.



Though small in size, this unique country has plenty of character. Situated on Southeastern Europe’s Balkan Peninsula, Albania is a mix of sweeping coastlines, mountainous terrains and archaeological sites, attracting history enthusiasts, active travelers and food lovers alike.

When to go: June-September for a warmer climate and clearer skies; November-December for amazing Christmas markets.


Situated in the heart of the Balkans, Bosnia and Herzegovina remains one of the last great undiscovered regions of the Southern Alps. Its rugged beauty is mostly mountainous, embellished by the lush forests that make up 50 percent of the country.

When to go: Head to Bosnia and Herzegovina between May and September for the warmest climates and brighter mountain views.


From the terracotta roof tiles that decorate its fortified towns, to its sun-drenched coast and menus of fresh seafood, it is little surprise Croatia has become one of the world’s most popular tourist destinations. It makes for a delightful getaway for travelers looking for sweeping views and a little tranquility.

When to go: May–October offers the warmest climates making the temperature ideal for subathing and swimming in the sea. You can also expect longer days with the beginning of September offering 13+ hours of sunlight.


Be charmed by cosmopolitan Paris, sample sumptuous food and wine in the Loire Valley, and take in the glamour of the South of France and the French Riviera. Enthralling experiences await in France.

When to go: From the sun-soaked beaches of the South of France in summer to less predictable fresh summers in Northern France, where you’ll have to prepare for all weather types throughout the year, this beautiful country offers something for everyone. To avoid the city crowds, head to Paris in spring or autumn.


While in Greece, take full advantage of the array of flavors on offer. Greek cuisine – from crumbling feta and briny olives, to fragrant moussaka and ouzo-steamed mussels – shouldn’t be missed. Be sure to bring your appetite.

When to go: Greece's Mediterranean climate means that temperatures are good all year round.


As you soak up Italy’s striking scenery, delicious cuisine and wines, rich history and priceless art, you’ll soon see why it’s Europe’s most revisited country. With charming culture at every turn, Italy never ceases to surprise and delight.

When to go: April-October for the warmest and driest climates; November-December for a fantastic festive atmosphere.


Floating in the Mediterranean Sea just south of Sicily are the stunning islands of Malta. With a history of shipwrecks, conquests, emperors and knights behind it, Malta is now an independent nation and home to over 445,000 people.

When to go: Malta really is a superb year round destination, but June and August are the peaks of the tourist season and the island can get quite crowded. Between February and June the prices are a bit cheaper and there are fewer tourists and this makes some of the attractions easier to traverse.


Host to Formula 1 Grand Prix every year since 1929, Insight guests get the opportunity to drive along part of Monaco’s world-famous racing circuit. Pay homage to Prince Rainier and Princess Grace at their graves, laden with flowers at the Romanesque-Byzantine cathedral and enjoy free time to wander around the charming Old Town or to take in the sea-views.

When to go: May-September for the best weather; November-December for a fantastic festive atmosphere.


The rich assortment of cultural and historical influences on Montenegro has resulted in cuisine that captures the best of Italy, Turkey, Hungary and Croatia. Depending on which zone you are exploring, you’ll notice different culinary styles. The coastal area typically offers Mediterranean dining, with grilled seafood playing a dominant role. Traditional Montenegrin dishes include stews, soups and wood-fired meats, accompanied by fine local wines and domestic beers.

When to go: April-September for the warmest temperatures; crowds on the coast reach their peak in July and August so visiting in June or September might be preferable.


A delectable combination of delicious food, history and culture, Portugal is a country that not only captivates but enlightens. Its position as centre of world exploration during the great Age of Discovery is evident today, with its Manueline architecture and the magnificent palaces, monasteries and churches that were filled with gold from the new world.

When to go: Portugal’s outstanding climate makes it an idyllic destination all year round. Head to the country in summer for sunny beach weather, or between December and February for a milder holiday period.


Get a healthy dose of culture in the capital of Ljubljana, where visitors can enjoy numerous theaters, museums, galleries, and one of the oldest Philharmonic orchestras in the world.

When to go: May-September for the warmest climates and the best chances to see this great region.


Taste exquisite wines and unique gastronomic delights like paella, tapas and pintxos in Spain. Lap up Barcelona’s vibrant arts scene, visit historic Madrid, and saunter along Spain’s sunshine coast. Immerse yourself in a cultural kaleidoscope when you visit Spain.

When to go: In the summer months Spain offers glorious sunshine, or for those looking for milder weather, autumn is a great time to explore, with fewer crowds but no less excitement.

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