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Are there any activities for children?

There may be a variety of activities for children, depending on the market, from hay bales to ice skating, and some have small rides or playgrounds. The main focus of a Christmas Market is the festive food and drink, crafts, and showcasing local traditions. But there's always a good chance of ice skating.

Are the markets wheelchair accessible?

The markets all take place outside and are wheelchair friendly although some are in cobblestone areas, which may be more difficult. If you require a wheelchair while you travel with Insight Vacations, or any of our sister brands, please ensure you complete the accessibility assessment prior to travel.

Are they only on in December?

Christmas Market dates change year on year and regionally. These generally start in the last week of November and will run until Christmas Day.

Do I need to carry cash with me?

This depends on the region. In Germany, Switzerland and Austria most vendors will take cards but in the Czech Republic or the Balkans then cash would be preferred by vendors in the market.

Are there washrooms?

This will depend on the market as they range in size. If a market does have washrooms, they will usually be portable restrooms and they may be limited in number.

Should I wear comfortable shoes?

Comfortable shoes are a must! There are not many places to sit down and the markets are set up for wandering, drinking gluhwein and shopping for handmade gifts and local treats.

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