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Portugal's Mentejo region produces over half of the world's cork.

Portugal, especially the Alentejo region, contributes over 50% of the world's cork production. Cork is a vital part of Portugal's economy, and the industry is deeply rooted in the country's history and culture. The sustainable harvesting of cork from the bark of the cork oak has made Portugal a leader in the global cork market, with its production supporting both economic and environmental sustainability.


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Evora’s Capella dos Ossos is decorated with human bones and skulls

The Capela dos Ossos, or Chapel of Bones, is adorned with human bones and skulls from over 5,000 people. To create this macabre design, the bones were exhumed from overcrowded cemeteries in the 16th century. The monks were concerned with society’s values at the time - especially those of wealthy Évora. So, they displayed the remains in this way to encourage a reflection on mortality and the transience of material things.


Champagne Bubbles

Champagne was first invented in England in 1662

Contrary to popular belief, the French Monk Dom Pérignon didn’t invent champagne. It was accidentally created in England. Inexpensive still white wines were left on the London docks, getting so cold so they underwent a second fermentation - causing them to become carbonated.


Lemon And Oysters

The Romans invaded England in 55BC for its oysters.

In 55BC, Julius Caesar and the Roman legions set their sights on England. Part of it was strategy, to repel the danger of the Gauls. Part of it was for economic riches. But the Romans also wanted England’s succulent oysters, which were considered a delicacy. Especially those from Colchester.



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Our premium tours are embellished with uniquely fascinating experiences, delivered by local Destination Experts. In Austria, for example, you’ll enjoy a private tour of Vienna’s Schönbrunn Palace, revealing opulent treasures within its 1,441 rooms.

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On each tour, your Travel Director is on hand to take care of the details, so you’re free to savour every moment without having to worry about the logistics. Their experience, passion and knowledge of your destination allow them to help create your perfect journey.

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As well as providing food for thought, we put a lot of thought into food. From being welcomed into the workspaces of chefs, to taking your seat at acclaimed restaurants, or breaking bread with locals in their homes, our premium tours satisfy curious tastebuds.

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It should be no surprise that our careful attention to detail extends to our 4 and 5-star accommodation partners – each handpicked to provide an exceptional stay. Meanwhile, our luxury fleet of vehicles offers a superior on-road experience with bathroom facilities, device chargers, tray tables and drink holders.