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  • Austria


    You'll find there's much more to Salzburg than The Sound of Music; spend some time taking in the rest of this sophistacated city's baroque architecture, art and culture.

    When to go: June-September for a warmer climate and clearer skies; November-December for amazing Christmas markets.

    City sights and stunning countryside combine in perfect fashion in Austria. The architectural splendour of Vienna is as enticing as the snow-capped mountain peaks and crystal-clear lakes that you'll find when off the beaten track. With Insight, you can experience the best of both worlds. Find out more about seeing Austria with Insight.

  • Belarus

    Belarus - Archangel Michael

    Minsk may be landlocked, but you’re craving some sea air, you can visit Minsk Sea, a picturesque artificial lake not far from the capital.

    When to go: June-August for the warmest climates & the best chance to see the spectacular rebuilding effort post-WW2.

    Often overlooked by tourists, Belarus should not be an afterthought when it comes to travel. Outside of the cities, you’ll find dense forest, two national parks, crystal clear lakes, and quaint villages. If you want a taste of something more urban, head to the capital city of Minsk, or to equally modern Brest. Find out more about seeing Belarus with Insight.

  • Belgium


    You can’t come to Belgium without tasting some of what its world famous for: Chocolate and beer. Visit the Chocolate Museum, and then sample some of the hundreds of varieties of Belgian beer.

    When to go: May-October for the warmest temperatures; November-December for a fantastic festive atmosphere.

    What it lacks in size Belgium more than makes up for in sights and attractions. The small but welcoming country is home to charming villages, beautiful countryside, a seemingly endless array of castles, and cities full of good food, museums, and shopping. Find out more about seeing Belgium with Insight.

  • Bulgaria

    Bulgaria - Sofia Nevky Cathedral

    If you enjoy exploring on foot, you’ll love Sofia, Bulgaria’s compact capital. But small size doesn’t mean a lack of things to see. Museums, art galleries, parkland, bars, cafes, and a multitude of places to shop and dine can be found here.

    When to go: May-September for the warmest climates; a chance to see the unique architecture Bosnia offers cannot be missed.

    Long sandy beaches on the Black Sea coast beckon those who want to relax by the water, while mountain ranges call to avid hikers. Traditional seaside towns with cobbled streets are made for aimless meandering among locals, modern cities await exploration, as do the many noteworthy UNESCO World Heritage sites showcasing Bulgaria’s rich history. Find out more about seeing Bulgaria with Insight.

  • Croatia

    Makarska, Croatia

    Don’t miss a visit to the capital city of Zagreb, a fascinating city full of interesting things to see and do, including having what’s thought to be the world’s best sunset.

    When to go: May-October for the warmest climates which allows breathtaking views of varying scenes of the Dalmatian Riviera.

    Croatia is one of the world’s most popular tourist destinations – and it’s not hard to see why. The dazzling coastline might be the first thing that steals your heart, but the walled city of Dubrovnik, UNESCO protected city of Split, mini-fortress of Korcula, and national parks just begging to be explored will keep you coming back for more. Find out more about seeing Croatia with Insight.

  • Czech Republic

    Highlights of Eastern Europe - Cesky Krumlov

    In Prague you get the perfect balance of history and modernity. Explore one of the most beautiful and intact medieval centres in Europe, while also enjoying the city’s nightlife, bars, cafes and concerts.

    When to go: May-August for the best weather; November-December for amazing Christmas markets.

    You may be drawn to the Czech Republic by dreams of seeing Prague, but there’s much more to this central European country than its stunning capital. Countless castles dot the richly diverse landscape where you’ll find everything from orchards and vineyards, to rolling plains, mountains and picturesque towns suspended in time. Find out more about seeing Czech Republic with Insight.

  • Denmark

    Denmark - Copenhagen

    Take a stroll along Strøget in Copenhagen, the longest pedestrian shopping street in Europe, and don’t leave without a visit to Tivoli Gardens, the second oldest theme park in the world.

    When to go: May-October for the warmest climates and clearer skies to show off the incredible vistas Denmark offers.

    Though small, Denmark is a powerhouse when it comes to things to see and do. Outside of the cities you’ll find rugged landscapes, historical towns, and Viking ruins that speak to Denmark’s storied past. Spend time in the charismatic capital of Copenhagen for excellent shopping, Michelin-starred restaurants, rich history, and innovative design. Find out more about seeing Denmark with Insight.

  • Finland

    Grand Tour of Scandinavia- Helsinki

    In addition to exploring Helsinki or enjoying Finland’s vast Nordic wilderness, make time to visit Santa Clause in his village in the Arctic Circle, or say hello to his reindeer in Rovaniemi, the capital of Lapland.

    When to go: June-August for the warmest climates of the year to experience the immense forests that Finland offers.

    No matter what you travel for, you’re likely to find it in Finland. Nature-lover? 37 national parks and 188,000 lakes should keep you busy. If an urban escape is more of what you crave, Finland’s chic towns and stylish capital of Helsinki offer much in the way of arts, entertainment, culture and architecture. Find out more about seeing Finland with Insight.

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