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  • Estonia

    Tallinn’s medieval Old Town is not to be missed and one of the main reasons many people visit Estonia. Here you’ll find narrow cobbled streets, medieval churches, and enough charm to keep you snapping pictures for hours.

    When to go: June-August for the best temperatures which allows the unexpected beauty of this Baltic country to shine through.

    Despite its small size you won’t be bored in Estonia. Being 50 percent forest, the country is a hiker’s paradise. There are also medieval castles to explore, the picturesque capital of Tallinn to visit, spas and saunas to relax in, hundreds of secluded beaches to enjoy, and many quaint towns and villages to wander through. Find out more about seeing Estonia with Insight.

  • Finland

    In addition to exploring Helsinki or enjoying Finland’s vast Nordic wilderness, make time to visit Santa Clause in his village in the Arctic Circle, or say hello to his reindeer in Rovaniemi, the capital of Lapland.

    When to go: June-August for the warmest climates of the year to experience the immense forests that Finland offers.

    No matter what you travel for, you’re likely to find it in Finland. Nature-lover? 37 national parks and 188,000 lakes should keep you busy. If an urban escape is more of what you crave, Finland’s chic towns and stylish capital of Helsinki offer much in the way of arts, entertainment, culture and architecture. Find out more about seeing Finland with Insight.

  • France

    Paris is packed with must-see sights, but it’s also a city that’s about so much more than its famous landmarks. No matter what you see and do in Paris, the city will draw you in and mesmerize you.

    When to go: May-September for the best weather; November-December for great Christmas markets.

    Paris gets a lot of attention (with good reason), but France as a whole is a vacation destination like no other. Art, history, food and wine, fashion, and architecture can all be enjoyed here, from the sun-kissed Cote D’Azur, to the vineyards of Burgundy and Alsace, to the sparkling streets of Paris. Find out more about seeing France with Insight.

  • Germany

    Germany’s beer halls and beer gardens are legendary, and luckily they aren’t hard to come by. Be sure to commemorate your visit by raising a glass and toasting the lively culture that thrives throughout the country.

    When to go: June-September for the warmest climate; November-December for the legendary Christmas markets.

    Rich in history, natural beauty and culture, Germany is a vacation destination with something to offer every type of traveller. From the art and architecture in Berlin; to the cobbled streets of Munich with charm to spare; to the nation’s 39 UNESCO World Heritage Sites, and 101 nature reserves, Germany has many sides worth exploring. Find out more about seeing Germany with Insight.

  • Greece

    While in Greece, take full advantage of the array of flavours on offer. Greek cuisine – from crumbing feta and briny olives, to fragrant moussaka and ouzo-steamed mussels – shouldn’t be missed. Be sure to bring your appetite.

    When to go: Greece's Mediterranean climate means that temperatures are good all year round.

    Greece has something for everyone, from sun-worshippers and island-hoppers, to those who crave culture and a healthy dose of history. Ancient ruins seemingly around every corner, delicious food, passionate people, white sand beaches, and opportunities for hiking, climbing and even kite surfing are just a few of the many sides of Greece to be explored. Find out more about seeing Greece with Insight.

  • Hungary

    In addition to Budapest, don’t miss out on Hungary’s other must-see cities and town, including Szeged with its interesting architecture, or the charming town of Szentendre.

    When to go: May-September for the warmest temperatures; November-December for great Christmas markets.

    Give yourself over to the mesmerizing beauty of Budapest – actually two cities “Buda” and “Pest” – and then dive into the rest of Hungary’s many diverse offerings. Head to one of the estimated 300 thermal baths where you can “take the waters” as the locals do; visit Lake Balaton, Europe’s largest freshwater lake; stop in charming towns; and be sure to take a river cruise along the Danube. Find out more about seeing Hungary with Insight.

  • Iceland

    Don’t miss a visit to Skaftafell in Vatnajökull National Park, for the kaleidoscope of natural wonders including waterfalls, rivers, hiking trails and glaciers.

    When to go: While not offering the highest in temperatures, Iceland thrives on presenting clear skies year round.

    Iceland is becoming more and more of a must-see destination and it’s not hard to understand why. The quirky-cool capital of Reykjavik is brimming with cafes, bars, museums and clubs. Outside of the city, you get an otherworldly yet breathtaking landscape dotted with glaciers, lava formations, volcanoes, hot springs and craters just waiting to be explored. Find out more about seeing Iceland with Insight.

  • Italy

    Everywhere you go in Italy you’ll be treated to a different yet equally palate-pleasing cuisine, from rice and fish dishes in Venice, to exquisite pasta and sauces in Rome. Come to Italy with an appetite.

    When to go: April-October for the warmest and driest climates; November-December for a fantastic festive atmosphere.

    There’s a reason so many people want to visit Italy – you can’t help but fall in love with some aspect of the country, be it the unforgettable food, the wealth of renaissance architecture and priceless art, or the landscape dotted with olive groves and vineyards. From high fashion, to humble homemade wine on a country road, Italy has it all – and then some. Find out more about seeing Italy with Insight.

  • Ireland

    Come to Dublin for the lively pub life, but don’t leave without exploring the many museums, cathedrals, leafy squares, and well-preserved castles.

    When to go: June–September for a warmer climate and clearer skies.

    Steeped in history and Celtic tradition, a trip to the Emerald Isle is a vacation like no other. Showcasing the very best sights and scenery of Ireland including the Wild Atlantic Way and an incredible stay at the distinguished and luxurious Ashford Castle – recently respectfully and magnificently restored with a $75m investment by its owners, Insight’s parent company. You can be sure of extra special care and service at this world-famous icon. Find out more about seeing Ireland with Insight.

  • Latvia

    Latvia has been steadily gaining acclaim as a destination worth seeking out. Its compact size means you can experience a lot of it in a short time, and there’s much to see and do. Get your culture fix in the capital of Riga, soak up the sun along the 500 km of beaches along the Baltic Sea, or get active in one of the Latvia’s national parks.

    When to go: The best time to visit is late spring or summer, when there’s usually enough fine weather to allow you to stroll around the cities and make significant forays into the great outdoors.

    Base yourself in Latvia’s vibrant capital city of Riga, with its UNESCO-designated Old City, beautiful architecture, winding cobblestone streets, and large, leafy parks. Find out more about seeing Latvia with Insight.

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