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  • Switzerland

    You can’t leave Switzerland without shopping for a few things it’s known for, namely watches, Swiss army knives, cheese and of course, chocolate.

    When to go: May-September for the best temperatures; November-December for superb Christmas markets.

    Natural beauty can be found everywhere in Switzerland, whether you’re taking a steamer cruise across Lake Lucerne, or a cable car ride above the alpine peaks and green valleys below. The ever-efficient country has not one but four official languages, a rich cultural diversity, and alluring cities and towns you’ll want to linger in. Find out more about seeing Switzerland with Insight.

  • The Baltic States

    The Baltic countries of Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia still echo with memories of Medieval Guilds, rampaging Teutonic Knights and a turbulent history of conquests and partitions.

    When to go: June-August for the warmest climates of the year to experience the immense variety in these states.

    Since independence from the former Soviet Union over 20 years ago their tangled, medieval, old town streets, cobbled stone squares, and church spires have all been spruced up. Yet the capitals have all embraced the west in different ways. Find out more about seeing The Baltic States with Insight.

  • Turkey

    You won’t be bored in Istanbul for a second. Between the array of historic buildings, the museums and art galleries, and the many bars, clubs and restaurants to try out, there’s always something happening in this lively city.

    When to go: May-October for the warmest temperatures; November-December for an alternative festive experience.

    It’s tough not to be awed by Istanbul and its abundance of important historical buildings, but Turkey is about much more than this iconic city. There are white sand beaches, mountains, the white terrace pools of Pamukkale, beautifully unique landscape of Cappadocia, and Ancient Ephesus, the best-preserved classical city in the Eastern Mediterranean – and that’s just scratching the surface. Find out more about seeing Turkey with Insight.

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