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  • Egypt

    Few destinations compare to Egypt. Its vast wealth of antiquities and ancient artefacts make it a haven for avid history buffs. Cruising along the Nile you’ll be mesmerized by the grandeur of its pyramids and the decadence of the royal tombs and breathtaking temples.

    When to go: Egypt makes for a great destination all year round. From its hot, sunny days from April through to October, to its cooler, still pleasant winters, you’ll be guaranteed pleasant weather throughout the year.

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  • India

    Known for its rich cultural heritage, delectable cuisine and influential spiritual traditions, India is a vibrant destination that offers visitors an incredible diversity of experiences.

    When to go: India is an ideal destination to visit year round. Temperatures in India are high throughout the year, but the months from October to April have the lowest rainfall.

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  • Israel

    Israel is a step back to Biblical times, a fascinating mix of cultural riches and antiquity. Once the marching ground for Roman legions, Muslim armies and Christian Crusaders, it is now a beautiful destination to explore and discover.

    When to go: Israel offers great weather all year round. For milder temperatures and smaller crowds head there between April and November.

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  • Jordan

    Jordan may be steeped in history, but its capital of Amman is more cosmopolitan than you might think and offers a unique blend of ancient and modern attractions.

    When to go: April-November for the warmest climate; December-February for cooler temperatures.

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  • Morocco

    A colourful mix of Islamic, Arabic and African influences, Morocco has fascinated travelers for centuries. The bright labyrinths of its imperial cities contrast with the dramatic gorges and oases of the snow-capped High Atlas Mountains and the solitude of the Saharan desert that lies beyond.

    When to go: For the warmest weather head to Morocco between March and November, or for cooler temperatures and less crowds opt to travel there December – February.

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  • Nepal

    Nepal is uniquely situated in the Himalaya Mountains in South Asia. Nepal is known the world over for its breathtaking geographical features which include Mount Everest, the world's tallest mountain, Kali Gandaki — the world's deepest gorge and Tilicho Lake — which sits at an altitude of over 4,900 meters above sea level.

    When to go: October - December is an ideal time to visit Nepal as the temperature is still warm and the skies tend to be clearer, making it easier to take in the incredible views that the country has to offer.

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  • Sri Lanka

    Renowned as one of the world's top island destinations, Sri Lanka, situated off the the south west coast of India, is a popular destination for travellers looking for a unique combination of culture, adventure, breathtaking landscapes and more.

    When to go: Sri Lanka is a year round vacation destination thanks to its proximity to the equator. Temperatures average 27°C throughout the year.

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  • Turkey

    You won’t be bored in Istanbul for a second. Between the array of historic buildings, the museums and art galleries, and the many bars, clubs and restaurants to try out, there’s always something happening in this lively city.

    When to go: May-October for the warmest temperatures; November-December for an alternative festive experience.

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Miles of sparkling coastline. Ancient sun-bleached relics and ruins. Exquisite islands, and fresh Mediterranean cuisine. Just add warm-hearted hospitality, and you'll find it hard to leave.


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