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Activity Levels


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Activity Levels

New for this year, we have created activity levels to advise you what to physically expect on a trip, making it easier than ever to find the journey that is right for you. You can find the trip’s activity level in the overview section of the trip page.

Insight Cares - People


Short distances and flat surfaces

Looking for a leisurely pace? These trips are for you. They typically feature up to 1–2 miles of walking per day on primarily flat surfaces and with some stairs. Leisurely trips often have relaxed starts in the mornings so you can get plenty of rest. These trips also have a number of Insight Choice experiences so you and your traveling companions can choose how active you’d like to be on any day. While these are the most relaxed activity level, you will still need to get on and off transportation independently.

A holiday for the adventurous, delve into the USA’s desert lands with your travel companions, as you journey from the Golden State to Arizona. Along the way taste and create your own Southwestern flavours, learn about the lives and homes of Hollywood greats and take in the wild terrains and untamed beauty of its national parks. You'll be joined by your expert Travel Director who will be on hand to guide you throughout your trip.

New England's Fall Foliage

8 days from US$3,528

Embark on a colourful autumnal journey through this picturesque corner of the USA and experience an Indian Summer in all its glory. Think glorious orange and red hues set against lush forests and tranquil lakes. Along the way you'll delve into Boston's transformative past as you follow part of the red-brick Freedom Trail.

Country Roads of the Deep South

12 days from US$4,703

Cowboy hats and saxophones at the ready, as it’s time to delve into a world of country music, blues, jazz, honky-tonks and hearty diners in Southern USA. Like music legends Dolly Parton and Johnny Cash before you, follow the neon lights to the Music City. Release your inner songwriter at a central recording studio in Nashville and hear the toe-tapping tales of local jazz musicians in New Orleans.

Insight Cares - People


Medium distances and some uneven surfaces

These trips are a perfect mix of active and passive sightseeing, featuring a balance of relaxed starts and some evening activities. These trips will generally have up to 1–3 miles of walking per day and may involve some uneven surfaces, such as cobblestones and stairs.

From two nights in Machu Picchu, to delving into Incan history and learning more about local foods and culture and archaeology, prepare for a leisurely, enriching trip in Peru. Along the way, nourish your taste palates with a traditional Peruvian feast at Laguna Piuray and tasty regional treats in Cusco. Your Travel Director will be on hand throughout your trip to offer local advice, recommendations and travel tips.

A mix of colourful harbours and sweeping coastlines, this nautical trip allows you to recharge by the sea as you take in some of Canada's iconic maritime history.

Enchanting Canyonlands

7 days from US$2,649

The American Southwest is a panoramic stage for Mother Nature’s most majestic performance. From exploring the crimson landscapes and diverse scenery of Monument Valley to chasing the bright lights of Las Vegas, this all-American journey introduces you to America's West in complete style.

Insight Cares - People


Longer distances and inclined surfaces

If you're looking for a more active pace, you will love our dynamic trips. These journeys can feature 4+ miles of walking on some days and may involve some steep hills. Dynamic trips include a variety of morning start times to maximise sightseeing and regular evening activities.

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