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On our collection of Easy Pace journeys, you will have more time to explore destinations at your own pace. In each destination, you can settle into your hotel by enjoying a minimum 3-night stay, experience more free time with additional Relaxed Starts built into your itinerary and delight in days at leisure at select points on your trip. Look for the Easy Pace icon Easy Pace Journey to view journeys in this style.

Relaxed Starts

No matter what trip style you choose, you will see that a select number of days feature a Relaxed Start. On these days, departures begin after 9 AM, giving you more time for yourself to enjoy before the day's activities begin. So, whether you want to linger over breakfast, enjoy some extra sleep or take in some independent sightseeing, the time is yours.

Italy, Sicily & Malta

Easy Pace Italy

from US$3,105

Discover three of Italy's most cultural cities. Savour Rome's rich heritage, soak up the Renaissance atmosphere of Florence, and look beyond the canals and gondolas to gain a deeper understanding of Venice.

Spain, Portugal & Morocco

Easy Pace Spain

from US$2,633

Relax and immerse yourself in three of Spain's most contrasting and cultural cities. Vibrant Barcelona, idyllic San Sebastián and historic Madrid.

Northern Europe & Russia

Easy Pace Russia

from US$2,363

Experience the grandeur of Russia, exploring the baroque architecture of St Petersburg and the palaces of Moscow. Marvel at the famous art collection of the Hermitage Museum and travel by hydrofoil and high-speed train in perfect style.

Alps, Central & Eastern Europe

These three capitals, lush with magnificent cathedrals, imperial palaces and majestic castles, stand at the geographical heart of mainland Europe. Their history and culture are majestically intertwined by the powerful Habsburg dynasty.

Dalmatian Elegance

from US$2,366

Cruise the waters of the Adriatic in comfort and style onboard your modern mega yacht. Discover new ports of call each day, hidden coves and ancient sites steeped in history. Step ashore to experience the cultural diversity of Dalmatia’s islands or bask under the sun, swim or read a good book.



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