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2021 - 2022

Europe & Beyond Tours

No matter where you go, you’ll be in good hands with our exceptional care team. New for 2021, you’ll not only have a Travel Director with you, but also a specially trained Well-Being Director, who takes a proactive approach to your welfare.

You also have the opportunity to travel even more comfortably with on our Small Group departures, with a maximum of 24 guests. In addition, those wanting to travel exclusively with friends and family can book a Small Private Group for 12+ guests.

Now more than ever, a guided holiday is the ideal choice. As travel specialists, we are perfectly suited for these unusual times as we take care of absolutely everything, so you can simply enjoy your holiday.

We’re part of a family-owned and family-run company that’s been in business for over 100 years. When you’re ready to travel, we’ll be here to guide you. We truly believe that travel is better together.

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Small Groups

New for 2021, Insight Vacations offers Small Group departures, capped at just 24 travellers. Smaller groups mean less queuing whilst embarking and disembarking so it's easier to maintain a comfortable physical distance. Guests always travel on our customized 40 seater coaches that have twice the legroom of a standard coach.

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Up Close and Personal

Small Private Groups

Looking to travel exclusively with just your friends and family? Insight Vacations offers a selection of trips that are bookable for private groups of 12+ guests. Your perfect-sized group will travel on a roomy private coach with your own Travel Director, all with our elevated hygiene standards and protocol.

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Britain & Ireland

Best of Ireland & Scotland

14 days from US$3,566

Despite the many regional variations between Ireland and Scotland, they share a natural affinity, tracing back to their Gaelic roots, together with stunning landscapes, and warm-hearted communities.


Make Travel Matter

Ardgowan Estate: Join Sir Ludovic for a tour of his family home, Ardgowan Estate, and savour a traditional Scottish tea made from local ingredients. Your visit helps support the estate, helping keep Scottish history alive.

Insight Experiences

Londonderry: There's no better way to experience sightseeing than with one of Northern Ireland's best storytellers, Ronan, as he takes you on a tour inside the city walls. Visit Trinity College and Book of Kells in Dublin • Irish National Stud and Japanese Gardens in Kildare.

Insight Choice

Killarney: Choose between a memorable ride on a horse-drawn jaunting car with the local jarveys or alternatively, join a gentle hike with a Local Expert along the lake shore and past the grounds of Ross Castle.

Authentic Dining

Welcome Dinner in Dublin • Celebration Dinner in Edinburgh. Taste whisky at the Glen Ord Distillery.

Gems of Britain

5 days from US$1,256

Succinct and full of bucket-list highlights, this spirited journey captures the essence of Britain in only a few days. It includes a fantastic cross-section of Britain’s historic towns, traditional heritage, cultural figures and idyllic scenic landscapes.

Elegance of Great Britain

12 days from US$3,507

This journey is a must for those who have a love of literature and Britain. Stately homes, historic castles and beautiful gardens shape a delightful itinerary, evoking a bygone age.

Best of Britain

11 days from US$2,876

From the home of Shakespeare, to the moors of Scotland and the beautiful Cornish Countryside, this really is the best of all that Britain offers.

Delve into the quintessential charm of Wales, Devon and Cornwall's pleasant villages and extensive countryside, and explore the elegant grandeur of some of the most exquisite stately homes of the region.

Country Roads of Scotland

9 days from US$2,423

From the great capital of Edinburgh to the Orkney Islands and Skye, you'll travel through 8,000 years of history and become immersed in Scotland’s rich cultural heritage.

Focus on Ireland

7 days from US$1,796

A private tour of Trinity College with fast-track entry to the Book of Kells, a Jaunting Car ride in Killarney, luscious green countryside, dramatic coastal scenery and the ‘lilt’ of Irish voices all make for an exceptional journey.

Irish Elegance

8 days from US$2,338

Showcasing the very best sights and scenery of Ireland including the Wild Atlantic Way and a night at the magnificently restored Ashford Castle.

Undiscovered Ireland

13 days from US$3,056

Embark on a scenic journey across Ireland. Visit the unspoilt shores of the Wild Atlantic Way, Cliffs of Moher and the unique Mitchelstown Caves. Try your hand at Ireland’s national sport of hurling, visit Blarney Castle and enjoy stopping at picturesque small towns.

Country Roads of Ireland

12 days from US$2,869

Experience the wild, enchanting coastal routes as you explore the Emerald Isle. Along the way you'll encounter ruined castles, quiet lakes, natural wonders and legendary characters.

Romantic Britain & Ireland

21 days from US$5,108

A wealth of history, dramatic scenery, sacred sites, legends and traditions all come together, invoking a sense of romance on this escorted journey.

Britain & Ireland Explorer

15 days from US$3,776

The leisurely pace and beauty of the Irish countryside blends with historic English towns, Welsh hospitality and the austere Scottish Highlands, for a truly memorable exploration of the British Isles.

Britain & Ireland Discovery

24 days from US$5,396

This epic adventure illuminates the hidden corners of the British Isles. Along the way, encounter the full arc of Celtic heritage, cultures, legends and traditions.

European Discoveries

Up Close and Personal

European Discovery

17 days from US$4,838

Discover the incredible diversity of Europe's finest destinations on this beautifully-curated journey of discovery. From the romantic spires of Prague to Cinque Terre's teetering ocean-side towns and the soaring peaks of Switzerland, this is a well-paced journey offering the ideal mix of sightseeing and time to relax.  


Make Travel Matter

Venice: Witness the ancient skill of glassblowing on the island of Murano. Watch artisans create delicate works of art using rare traditional practices and support the master glassblowers to preserve their art.

Insight Experiences

Vatican City: Gain VIP access into the Vatican Museums and admire the famous Bramante Staircase, the Sistine Chapel and St. Peter's Basilica.

Insight Choice

Paris: Choose between shopping in quaint boutiques like a true Parisian with your Local Expert or, join an avid foodie, to explore small shops and sample local treats and delicacies. Choose between two experiences in Prague and on Mt. Stanserhorn.

Authentic Dining

Welcome Dinner in Amsterdam • Farm-to-Table dining in Salzburg • Sea-to-Table lunch in Cinque Terre • Choice of Dine-Around options in Lucerne • Celebration Dinner in Paris.

Flavours of Europe

9 days from US$2,678

Experience the essence of Europe as you travel through bustling Rome and Paris, stopping off in Renaissance Florence, the colourful ocean-side villages of the Cinque Terre and the glittering snow-capped peaks of Switzerland. Explore local life as you enjoy small-group dining in Lucerne and cross paths with locals who are passionate about sharing Europe’s rich heritage, culture and traditions with you.

European Rhapsody

11 days from US$3,056

Discover Europe’s grandeur and the legacy of the powerful Habsburg dynasty on this soul-stirring journey of Europe’s imperial cities. Be inspired by the family heritage of royalty as you meet a castle owner in the Rhine Valley and enjoy dinner at a family home in beautiful Budapest. Your journey culminates in timeless Venice with its romantic and lavish palaces.

European Flair

12 days from US$3,056

Send your spirits soaring on this fairy-tale journey from Amsterdam’s canals through to Salzburg’s ‘Sound of Music’ hills and Italy’s most revered cities. Meet a castle owner on the romantic Rhine, a gondolier in whimsical Venice, and an Italian chef in hilltop Orvieto. This trip is a symphony of the ages, where history comes alive as you hear from passionate locals about life in some of Europe’s most beautiful cities.

European Dream

11 days from US$3,326

Leisurely paced with two-night stays in each destination and plenty of time to explore, this journey allows you to live your European Dream and come face-to-face with history through memorable local interactions. Meet a gondolier in Venice and learn how the tradition of gondola navigation is being passed on to future generations and marvel at the skills of an Italian chef during a cooking demonstration where you’ll learn how to make homemade pasta. Immerse yourself in European culture, stunning scenery and incredible food on this unforgettable journey.

Road to Rome

13 days from US$3,488

One of our best-selling itineraries, this is an iconic journey of Europe's bucket-list favourites: Paris, Swiss mountains and lakes, Venice and Rome. You'll return home with little doubt of Europe's almighty magnificence. As any good traveller knows, meeting the locals along the way is what makes for great stories, which is why we've packed the itinerary with plenty of interpersonal experiences.

Highlights of Europe

15 days from US$4,406

This journey is perfect for those who want to experience the best of Europe. Explore quaint Germanic towns, appreciate the splendour of the quiet Italian Lakes and marvel at the most impressive cities on the Continent. Enjoy a private cruise along the canals of Amsterdam and enter Vatican City ahead of everyone else with special VIP access. Venture to Veneto to learn how to make the perfect Bellini and dine on rich and delicious Italian cuisine in the hills of Tuscany.

Splendid Europe

14 days from US$3,915

Just as Rome was the foundation for modern civilisation, so too is it the ideal start for this superb journey. Spend three days in this ancient city, visiting the Vatican Museums before they are opened to the public. Then follow in the footsteps of Julius Caesar, venturing north to the Rhine Valley, where he built the first bridge to cross the Rhine River. Splendid Europe is packed with fascinating experiences and thrilling interactions with passionate locals.

Mediterranean Journey

17 days from US$4,545

From Europe’s most prestigious locales to its quietest corners, this sun-kissed itinerary suits the discerning traveller who’d like to combine the excitement of Europe’s big cities with perfect relaxation. Join a foodie walking tour through Paris in a group small enough to fit into the tiniest (and most delicious!) of patisseries, embark on a tour of some of San Sebastian’s finest pintxos (tapas) establishments, and savour a fine selection of wines in Bordeaux and Tuscany. This is a culinary journey fit for every palate.

Romantic European

19 days from US$5,454

One of our Travel Director's favourite itineraries, this journey is full of charm and splendour. With two nights spent in most cities, take the time to get to know each destination and uncover its secrets, whether it is mouth-watering Sachertorte over coffee in Vienna or delicious homemade pasta in Orvieto. Along the way you'll be welcomed by passionate locals who love showing you the best Europe has to offer.

European Grandeur

27 days from US$7,344

An all-encompassing journey of magnificent menus, outstanding scenery and incredible cultural heritage, this itinerary brings you face-to-face with Europe’s finest attractions. Celebrate Catalonia with a small-group pintxo (tapas) tasting, enjoy a tasting of robust Tuscan reds and ascend to the top of Europe on Mount Stanserhorn to learn about regional fauna and flora from a Swiss Ranger. You will meet passionate locals along the way who will share insider knowledge and enrich your experience. Visit Slovenia’s subterranean Postojna Caves and marvel at the stalagmite and stalactite formations. Join a local for a visit to a famous coffee house in Vienna and discover how the Viennese introduced the western world to coffee. Dine with locals in Avignon, the heart of Provence, and see the UNESCO World Heritage Site of Palais des Papes.  

France, Belgium & the Netherlands

Investigate Normandy's role in the 1066 and 1944 invasions that changed the course of history. Explore the beautiful city of St-Malo, the châteaux of the Loire and gleaming Paris.


Insight Choice

Normandy: Choose between shopping in quaint boutiques like a true Parisian with your Local Expert or, join an avid foodie, to explore small shops and sample local treats and delicacies. Choose between two experiences in Prague and on Mt. Stanserhorn.

Authentic Dining

Welcome Dinner at Rural in Paris • Taste wine in the Loire Valley.

Top Rated Highlights

Visit Mont-Saint-Michel with Local Expert • Château d'Azay Le Rideau with Local Expert • Chartres Cathedral. City tours of St. Malo and Normandy Landing Beaches, both with Local Experts.

Scenic Drives: Enjoy the scenery of the French countryside, as you travel along the River Seine and through Normandy, Brittany and the Loire Valley.

Step back in time and immerse yourself in idyllic 17th century Dutch landscapes of gently turning windmills and charming bridges, arching over peaceful canals. Enjoy a slower pace of life with all the comforts of modern touches.

Country Roads of France

16 days from US$4,229

Leafy vineyards, majestic mountains, Riviera sunshine, Roman remains and fortified towns, combined with great food and wine, make for an engaging ‘Tour de France'.

French Heritage

22 days from US$6,503

A grand adventure lies ahead with famous wines and excellent food, snow-capped mountains, sun-drenched beaches, magnificent châteaux, and learning about Roman remains and fascinating battlefield history.  

World War I Battlefields

4 days from US$1,256

An emotive and poignant journey through the countryside of Northern France, dotted with war cemeteries and memorials for those who fell in 'the war to end all wars.'

Spain, Portugal & Morocco

Best of Spain & Portugal

15 days from US$3,596

Follow the fortunes of the Spanish, Portuguese and Moorish Kingdoms as evidenced in their grand castles, stupendous religious buildings and incredible works of art.


Make Travel Matter

Seville: The Cristina Heeren Foundation aims to promote the teaching and conservation of flamenco and is a beneficiary of a TreadRight Foundation grant. Meet the students of the foundation, learn some basic flamenco steps, and then feel the passion as the students perform an emotional show.

Insight Experiences

Granada: Join a Local Expert for a much anticipated and insightful tour of the remarkable Generalife Gardens and the Winter Palace at Alhambra.

Insight Choice

Seville: Choose between a visit to the cathedral and a walk through the old Jewish quarter with a Local Expert or alternatively, join a panoramic tour of the city and stop in the Santa Cruz area for a refreshing beverage.

Authentic Dining

Torremolinos: Hear the stories of local life as you are invited into the home of a local family to join them for a freshly prepared, traditional lunch, with wine.

Easy Pace Spain

10 days from US$2,461

Relax and immerse yourself in three of Spain's most contrasting and cultural cities. Vibrant Barcelona, idyllic San Sebastián and historic Madrid.

Best of Morocco

10 days from US$2,228

Morocco is a colourful mix of Islamic, Arabic and African influences. Spain and France have left their marks too. This unique travel experience includes a stay in Essaouira and at the amazing Berbère Palace Hotel in Ouarzazate.

Highlights of Spain

9 days from US$2,273

True to its name, this escorted journey showcases the best that Spain has to offer: the Alhambra, the modernist architecture of Barcelona, Madrid's Prado Museum, the Andalucian capital of Seville and Cordoba's Mezquita, to name but a few.  

Northern Spain

11 days from US$2,696

Discover the scenic delights and delicious cuisine of this forgotten part of Spain. Compare Oviedo's ancient churches and resting relics of St. James with Barcelona's captivating Sagrada Família.

Country Roads of Andalucia

9 days from US$2,206

Relax and discover the best of southern Spain. Immerse yourself in the vibrant culture of Seville, experience culinary delights such as a tapas tour and sherry tasting and explore diverse scenery at the Doñana National Park.

Spanish Heritage

18 days from US$4,586

Asturians drink cider, not sangria! Transcend stereotypical Spain on this in–depth exploration of one of Europe's most diverse countries. The nation's reputation for gastronomic excellence and amazing art will be well justified here.

Country Roads of Portugal

11 days from US$2,426

Portugal's great New World discoveries brought the country trade and wealth, and left their mark throughout the Kingdom. Witness this legacy, from the sunny beaches of the Algarve to the vineyards of the Douro Valley.

Amazing Spain & Portugal

9 days from US$2,093

Delve beneath the surface of these two amazing countries. Sample their signature dishes, share in their culture and marvel the legacy of their rich sea-faring history.  

A kaleidoscopic adventure that takes you from some of Europe's most cosmopolitan cities, to an exotic and vivid land of medinas and minarets. 

Grand Spain & Portugal

18 days from US$4,658

Enjoy an in-depth portrait of the local people, their cultural heritage and their multifaceted countries; this trip includes adventuring in Santander, San Sebastián and Barcelona.

Italy, Sicily & Malta

Best of Italy

11 days from US$3,285

"The trick to really connecting with Italians is to accept their love of the 3 'F's - Food, Friends and Family." - Andrew Ainscough, Travel Director


Make Travel Matter

Venice: Witness the ancient skill of glassblowing on the island of Murano. Watch artisans create delicate works of art using rare traditional practices and support the master glassblowers to preserve their art.

Insight Experiences

Vatican City: Gain VIP access into the Vatican Museums and admire the famous Bramante Staircase. Witness the genius of Michelangelo in the Sistine Chapel and view the splendid dome of St. Peter's Basilica.

Insight Choice

Florence: Choose between a visit to the Accademia Museum with an art historian to see Michelangelo's David or alternatively, wander through the market stalls on a guided shopping tour.

Authentic Dining

Welcome Dinner in Rome • Lunch in Ravenna • Celebration Dinner in Rome.

Italian Intermezzo

8 days from US$2,385

See Italy's best-loved cities and discover a treasure trove of cultural riches, authentic cuisine and genuine dolce vita on this diverse itinerary.

Easy Pace Italy

10 days from US$2,869

Discover three of Italy's most cultural cities. Savour Rome's rich heritage, soak up the Renaissance atmosphere of Florence, and look beyond the canals and gondolas to gain a deeper understanding of Venice.

Treasures of Italy

11 days from US$4,005

Explore Italy's historic cities, villages and scenery, as you meet skilled artisans, musicians and Local Experts along the way.

Italian Elegance

12 days from US$3,651

Experience the bustle of timeless Venice, Florence and Rome, before appreciating the quieter side of Italy with visits to the Cinque Terre, the Lake District and the Alps.

Italian Escapade

13 days from US$3,758

Revel in the riches of Rome and Florence, see the beauty of the Italian Lakes and mingle with the fashionable crowd on sun-kissed Capri.

Experience the treasures of Rome, Pompeii and the Neapolitan Riviera. See the unique trulli houses of Alberobello and the Sassi di Matera, and witness the rich heritage of Sicily.

Country Roads of Italy

16 days from US$4,229

Between the major cities, you'll find little-known gems like Orvieto, Assisi and Perugia, Tuscan hill towns, gastronomic icons, a formidable abbey and Italy's finest stretch of coastline.

Grand Italy & Sicily

17 days from US$4,946

Explore the wonders of Italy, as you enter the Vatican Museum in VIP style, visit the fishing villages of the famous Cinque Terre and join an expert vintner for a tasting of Puglia’s most celebrated blends. From picture-perfect Capri to romantic Sicily, discover the very best of Italy.

Sicily in Depth

8 days from US$2,183

Enjoy warm Mediterranean hospitality, as you journey from picture-perfect fishing villages to ancient Greek temples. Witness the rich legacies of the ancient Greeks, Carthaginians, Romans and Ottoman Turks and even uncover a few secrets about the local Mafia. Taste Sicilian wine, feast on delicious seasonal cuisine and meet passionate locals along the way.

Easy Pace Malta

6 days from US$1,679

Venture to picturesque Malta to explore layers of undisturbed history and otherworldly landscapes, from its ancient architecture to buzzing fisherman's markets.

Fall head over heels for Puglia - an unspoiled, food lover's paradise. See the curious trulli and sparkling white towns, the unique beauty of the Bay of Naples, and the sun-drenched Isle of Capri.

This magical journey devotes quality time to the medieval hill towns and evocative landscapes of Italy’s two most famous regions. Enjoy favorite recipes and classic wines as you meet with local people to hear their fascinating stories.

Country Roads of Northern Italy

10 days from US$2,678

Fall in love with Shakespeare's Verona, experience the elegance of Venice and wonder at the breathtaking beauty of the Dolomites and Italian Lake District before finishing your journey in the majesty of Milan.

Alps, Central & Eastern Europe

Up Close and Personal

Country Roads of Switzerland

14 days from US$4,484

An intimate journey of discovery amid stunning Alpine panoramas. This itinerary includes riding on the famous Glacier Express and staying in some of Switzerland's most enchanting hotels.


Insight Experiences

Bellinzona: Explore the stunning town of Bellinzona with your Local Expert, Julie, who will passionately share with you her insights into the three marvellous castles.

Insight Choice

Stanserhorn: Choose between a walk along beautiful scenic pathways for a chance to see native animals or alternatively, join a Swiss ranger to learn about local fauna and flora.

Authentic Dining

Farm-To-Table light dinner at Domaine Wannaz overlooking Lake Geneva • DineAround options in Zermatt • Celebration Dinner in Zürich.

Top Rated Highlights

Travel on the Glacier Express • Cruise on Lake Geneva • Ride the Matterhorn Gotthard Railway to Zermatt. Visit Chillon Castle on Lake Geneva • Jobin Swiss Woodcarving Centre in Brienz.

Best of Germany

10 days from US$2,543

Be captivated by the old world charm of Rothenburg and Neuschwanstein, the mountain scenery of Bavaria and the amazing re-birth of Dresden to its former Baroque splendour.

Glorious Switzerland

8 days from US$2,858

Discover a land of contrasting scenery, people and languages, offering a unique blend of interests and wonders.

Surprisingly, the vineyards, gabled shop fronts and opulent palaces play second fiddle to the scenery. Experience the magical, unrivalled beauty of the Alpine world, on-board the enthralling Glacier Express.

The Bohemian

9 days from US$2,205

Walk in the footsteps of Prague’s Bohemian Kings and fall under the spell of Český Krumlov. Explore the legacy of the Habsburgs in Vienna and Budapest.

These three capitals, lush with magnificent cathedrals, imperial palaces and majestic castles, stand at the geographical heart of mainland Europe. Their history and culture are majestically intertwined by the powerful Habsburg dynasty.

Highlights of Eastern Europe

14 days from US$3,353

Delve behind the former ‘Iron Curtain’ to explore these stunning cities of the east. Flourishes from the Austro-Hungarian Empire and a mélange of medieval charm are juxtaposed against more sombre reminders of WWII.

Highlights of Poland

11 days from US$2,205

Poland today is probably Europe's best kept secret. Appreciate the wealth of medieval fairy-tale cities and scenic wonders on this enthralling journey, and enjoy the warm-hearted hospitality of the Polish people themselves.

Dalmatian Elegance

9 days from US$2,141

Cruise the waters of the Adriatic in comfort and style onboard your modern mega yacht. Discover new ports of call each day, hidden coves and ancient sites steeped in history. Step ashore to experience the cultural diversity of Dalmatia’s islands or bask under the sun, swim or read a good book.

Country Roads of Croatia

14 days from US$3,141

Discover the pristine landscapes, idyllic islands and sun-dappled seas of Croatia, where fortified towns of cobblestone and terracotta echo a time when Venice ruled the waves.

The Eastern Discovery

14 days from US$3,596

This multi-layered journey takes you from Plitvice Lakes in Croatia to the mighty Parthenon in Athens and on to the shimmering Greek isles with a stopover in Corfu.

Embark on a journey to areas of stunning natural beauty and historical significance.

Treasures of the Balkans

18 days from US$4,455

This is where the sway of the Mediterranean meets Central Europe and blends with the exotic East. From the Danube to Dracula's castle, there is history at every turn.

Northern Europe & Russia

Grand Scandinavia

20 days from US$5,468

Sail the Baltic Sea, crossing rolling tundra and glassy fjords in your search for the midnight sun, all the while enjoying the local culture, history and striking scenery.  


Make Travel Matter

Karasjok: Visit the museum devoted to Sami history, preserving the culture of one of the world's oldest tribes, and admire over 5,000 objects in the cultural heritage collection.

Insight Experiences

Alta: Meet Trine and her huskies. Hear tales about their marathon Artic dog sled races during a hearty dinner and play with the cuddly pups afterwards.

Insight Choice

Rovaniemi: Choose between spending time at Santa Claus village and embracing the spirit of Christmas, or alternatively, join your Local Expert for a nature walk in the forest.

Authentic Dining

Welcome Dinner in Copenhagen • Traditional Dinner with Wine in Alta • Celebration Dinner in Oslo. Taste local treats at Helsinki's food market • Sparkling wine and caviar in North Cape.

Country Roads of Scandinavia

12 days from US$3,528

Marvel at the road less travelled with Scandinavia's breathtaking mountains, rivers and fjords. Follow the tales and trails of the Vikings, while enjoying the modern culture and liveliness of the cities.

Revel in outstanding Scandinavian scenery as you cruise the glassy fjords and ride the Flåm Railway. In the cities, soak up the seafaring history and lively cultural scene.

Scandinavian Heritage

28 days from US$9,295

From the Midnight Sun to the Little Mermaid and from crossing the Arctic Circle to crossing the northern seas, Scandinavia is truly an astonishing part of the world.  

Natural Wonders of Iceland

9 days from US$3,915

Experience a world of natural phenomena: gushing waterfalls, volcanoes and stunning landscapes at every turn. The overwhelming beauty of this country will ensure you will want to return again and again.

Easy Pace Russia

8 days from US$2,206

Experience the grandeur of Russia, exploring the baroque architecture of St Petersburg and the palaces of Moscow. Marvel at the famous art collection of the Hermitage Museum and travel by hydrofoil and high-speed train in perfect style.

The Golden Ring

5 days from US$1,796

The Golden Ring of once-fortified cities northeast of Moscow, stood witness to some of the most significant events in Russian history. Considered virtual open air museums, their Kremlins, monasteries, cathedrals and churches feature remarkable architecture from the 12th- 18th centuries. With bells ringing out from towering belfries, whitewashed walls, golden spires and onion domes marking the horizon, they rank among the most picturesque in the land.

Russia in Depth

12 days from US$4,495

Experience the grandeur of Russia, exploring the baroque architecture of St Petersburg and the palaces of Moscow. Marvel at the famous art collection of the Hermitage Museum and travel by hydrofoil and high-speed train in perfect style.

Warsaw & The Baltic States

8 days from US$1,958

Set out from Warsaw to explore the Baltic States, including the capitals Tallinn, Riga and Vilnius. Discover stylish, vibrant cafe societies with fascinating history.

From a resurgent Warsaw, head to the thriving Baltic capitals. Your journey reaches its zenith with seven nights in Russia's two imperial cities

Russia & the Baltics Discovery

19 days from US$6,575

Set out to explore the Baltic States, including the stylish capitals Tallinn, Riga and Vilnius and experience the grandeur of Russia.  Discover the baroque architecture of St Petersburg, the palaces of Moscow and the Golden Ring, whose cities stood witness to some of the most significant events in Russian history.  

Northern Capitals & Russia

18 days from US$5,027

An all-embracing journey of Scandinavia, the Baltic, Russia, Lithuania and Poland, showcasing Baroque splendour, fine design and historic conflicts and resolutions.

Ancient Civilisations

Up Close and Personal

Wonders of Egypt

9 days from US$2,995

Incredibly, after gazing upon the illustrious pyramids, this trip only gets better. Further up the Nile, your cruise ship is poised to take you to royal tombs and breathtaking temples.


Insight Choice

Luxor: Enjoy listening to stories of village life from local residents, when you visit a family home for a tasting of authentic Egyptian sun bread.

Authentic Dining

Aswan: Follow the footsteps of Winston Churchill and Agatha Christie as you enjoy high tea in true colonial English-style at Aswan's famous Old Cataract Hotel, as the sun begins to set. Egyptian dinner and galabeya party on the Nile cruise.

Top Rated Highlights

Cruise the Nile for 4 nights from Luxor to Aswan • Travel with return flights from Cairo • Ride a Nile felucca. Visit the Karnak Temple Complex • Luxor Museum • Valley of the Kings and Temple Hatshepsut on the West Bank • Luxor Temple • Temple of Kom Ombo • High Dam and Granite Quarries of Aswan • Temple of Isis on the Island of Philae • Egyptian Museum • Pyramids of Giza.

Greek Island Hopper

10 days from US$3,950

A sun worshipper’s paradise, you’ve made it to Greece. Delve into the unique history of this ancient country as you make your way around its beautiful islands via land and sea. Capture the beauty of Santorini’s Cycladic houses, the warmth of Mykonos’ locals and the legendary charm of Athens’ ancient relics. Topped off with a selection of scrumptious Greek delicacies along the way, this bright trip is one to be savoured.

Glories of Greece

7 days from US$2,150

Join an expert in antiquities, as you explore the wonders of Kalambaka and Olympia, visiting monasteries, monuments and ancient sites along the way.

This journey should top every traveller’s wish list. Explore the sun-kissed temples and time-worn towns of the mainland and visit two of the most romantic islands on earth, where relaxing on the beach or in local cafes is the order of the day.

Grecian Legends

12 days from US$3,775

This multi-layered journey showcases the temples and arenas of ancient Greece and Turkey with a highlight cruise to the glittering isles of the Aegean Sea.

Grecian Dreams

12 days from US$3,825

This multi-layered journey showcases the temples and arenas of ancient Greece and Turkey with a highlight 4-day cruise to the glittering isles of the Aegean Sea.

Grecian Fables

15 days from US$4,750

This multi-layered journey showcases the temples and arenas of ancient Greece and Turkey with a highlight 7-day cruise to the glittering isles of the Aegean Sea.

Mediterranean Dreams

8 days from US$2,475

Discover the exotic flavours, ancient heritage and unrivalled beauty of one of the world's most desirable destinations, as you cruise to hidden coves, sandy beaches and white-washed villages over 4 days.

Mediterranean Fables

11 days from US$3,495

This multi-layered journey showcases the temples and arenas of ancient Greece and Turkey with a highlight 7-day cruise to the glittering isles of the Aegean Sea.

Jordan Experience

7 days from US$2,225

Welcome to a land rich in Arab culture, natural wonders and sites so ancient that by comparison, the Crusader forts guarding the old trade routes are considered recent additions.  

Israel Discovery

9 days from US$3,895

Walk in the footsteps of Jesus, as you journey from birthplace to his Crucifixion site of Jerusalem. The is a journey that brings Biblical stories to life, taking you to some of the world's most sacred Jewish and Islamic sites, accompanied by your knowledgeable Local Expert.  

Israel & Jordan

15 days from US$6,195

Step back into Biblical times, as you see iconic religious sites and uncover hidden gems across Israel and Jordan. Once the marching grounds of Roman legions, Muslim armies and Christian Crusaders, this part of the world is a fascination of cultural riches and antiquity. Hear local stories from Local Experts, stay in luxurious hotels and taste the flavours of the region.

Splendours of Egypt

12 days from US$3,675

Get face-to-face with Egypt's most iconic antiquities, including Karnak, the Pyramids and Sphinx, Tutankhamun's treasure, and the ubiquitous hieroglyphics.

Wonders of Turkey

11 days from US$2,275

Gifted with natural and ancient wonders, discover Turkey's finest gems including Göreme, the white terraces of Pamukkale and Ephesus, dating back to the 10th century B.C.

Treasures of Turkey

15 days from US$2,795

Explore the ancient sites of Ephesus and Troy, behold the grandeur of the Hagia Sophia and dive into the history of this fascinating country.

Classical India with Nepal

12 days from US$5,175

Colourful cultures, remarkable temples and mystery await you in India and Nepal. Delve into this magical journey with your fellow travellers and discover these countries in all their glory. From meeting women who have summited Everest in Kathmandu, to a rickshaw ride through Old Delhi, you’ll travel in style with your expertly trained Travel Director.

Classical Sri Lanka

10 days from US$3,650

Welcome to Sri Lanka. A verdant utopia for travellers looking for golden beaches, history, culture and delicious regional bites, you’ll be met with an array of exciting Insight Experiences. From taking a walking tour through the backstreets of Colombo with a Local Expert, to visiting Rahju’s Contemporary Art Gallery and a tea plantation, enjoy travelling with a group of like-minded individuals and a knowledgeable Travel Director, who will be on hand to guide you throughout your trip.

Land of the Prophets

26 days from US$10,175

Get up close and personal with the beautiful cultures, iconic antiquities, and inspiring landscapes of Israel, Egypt and Jordan on this heritage journey.

Autumn, Winter & Spring

Up Close and Personal

Alpine Christmas Markets

9 days from US$1,935

The lead up to Christmas in traditional German towns and the snow-frosted Alps, is the stuff of storybooks – twinkling markets full of Yuletide delights and towering Christmas trees. Enter the realm of gingerbread, Glühwein and carol singers.


Insight Choice

Innsbruck: Choose between a horse & carriage ride or alternatively, visit the magical world of Swarovski Crystal.

Authentic Dining

Salzburg: At the Christmas Market, meet a local stallholder and taste the delicious gingerbread with a fragrant cup of Glühwein.

Welcome Dinner in Munich • Dinner with Tyrolean entertainment in Innsbruck • Swiss Celebration Dinner in Zurich.

Top Rated Highlights

Embrace the magic of Christmas time in Europe. Departures explore Christmas markets in Munich, Salzburg, Innsbruck, Strasbourg, Freiburg and Zurich. City tour of Salzburg with a Local Expert.

Northern Lights of Scandinavia

10 days from US$3,800

Chase the aurora borealis on this bewitching journey across Scandinavia's breath-taking mountains, rivers, cities and fjords.

Experience a world of natural phenomena; by day marvel at waterfalls, volcanoes and incredible landscapes and by night, seek out the dancing lights that fill cloudless skies.

Christmas Markets of Germany

8 days from US$1,935

Warm your heart with the magic of Christmas, savour classic German treats and fill your suitcase with hand-crafted gifts on this enchanting winter journey.

These stunning cities of the east reveal their medieval charm, among the sparkle of twinkling lights and the magic of Christmas.

Discover Europe’s best Christmas Markets as you make your way from Zagreb to Vienna. Marvel at the Baroque elegance of the Old Town in Ljubljana and take in the views from Bratislava’s Castle in Slovakia’s capital, as you join in advent festivities. Soak in the magic in Vienna, as you relish in a traditional Viennese Schnitzel.  

Discover Europe’s best fairy-tale Christmas Markets on this magical winter escapade. Join in the advent festivities in romantic Ljubljana and take in the views from Bratislava’s Castle in Slovakia’s capital. In Vienna explore one of Europe’s oldest Christmas market. Journey through the Bavarian Alps with their snow-capped mountains, musical Salzburg, the magical castle in Neuschwanstein, and on to heart-warming Munich.

Journey through the Bavarian Alps with their snow-capped mountains, musical Salzburg, the magical castle in Neuschwanstein, and on to heart-warming Munich.

Magical Switzerland

7 days from US$2,426

Experience Christmas like never before, as you admire snow-laden Alpine peaks, traditional markets and sparkling lakes with a highlight experience aboard the famous Glacier Express.

Winter Wonderland

9 days from US$2,115

Witness a stunning view of Lucerne from the summit of Mount Pilatus, as you experience Europe’s best Christmas markets and festive treats on this whimsical winter escapade.

Your Well-Being Director

Insight Vacations' trips* now include a specially trained and dedicated Well-being Director to provide additional support and assistance during your travels.

*Well-being Directors are not available on Australia and New Zealand trips.


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