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Find the Best Place to Travel in August

When it’s peak summer in the Northern Hemisphere, location means everything. When considering the best place to travel in August, we advise avoiding the overbooked and overcooked hotspots, unless inflated prices and stifling crowds are your cup of tea. For something more stylish, try to go against the grain and uncover some of Europe’s most elegant countries and cities. These August travel destinations shine bright under summer’s sun, without the distasteful tourism suffered by places on-trend.

With lively energy, sunny smiles and fantastic Edinburgh festivals, the United Kingdom is one of the best places to go in August. You’ll find France particularly chic too, especially as this is when the French go on vacation, giving you more space to take in the country’s charms. Meanwhile, Denmark’s unique blend of modern design and historic charm is all the better enjoyed in the lingering evenings of summer.


Once you’ve experienced summer in Britain, you’ll see why it’s one of the best places to visit in August. The British truly savor the sun – especially in Scotland, where the far-flung Orkney Islands get nearly 17 hours of daylight. August also brings the buzz of the Royal Edinburgh Military Tattoo and the raucous live shows found during Edinburgh’s festival season.

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Balmy weather


France’s serene summer ambiance makes it one of the best countries to visit in August. Enjoy the perfect conditions to dot between beautiful brasseries, cute boutiques, charming sycamores and dazzling cabaret. For anyone wondering when to travel to France, look no further than the glory of August’s splendor.

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Considering when to travel to Denmark? While wonderful all year round, Denmark’s style and sophistication is particularly striking in summer’s brilliance, making it one of the best destinations to visit in August. Long, warm days set the stage for world-class restaurants, beautiful green cities, and fairy-tale towns with the heritage to match.

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A foodie escape